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The Honourable The Irish Society is a grant-giving body working for the benefit of County Londonderry.

Charitable grants

The Society evolved into a self-funding, cross-community charitable organisation many years ago and continues to work today for the benefit of the community in County Londonderry.

We welcome applications from individuals and local organisations – from amateur sports and senior citizens clubs; youth groups; community, residents, workers and health associations to schools and other educational bodies – across the entire County.  And, for a limited period, in association with The Clothworkers' Company we can offer grants to charities anywhere in Northern Ireland - see the overview page for conditions.

Funding Programmes

Grants are currently limited to £750 max for a group; a 5 year rule applies to repeat applications. Further guidelines and examples can be found on our website.  Applications are considered by a Local Advisory Committee meeting 3 times a year, currently in February, June and October. Closing dates for each meeting are normally 5th January, 5th May and 5th September.

In addition we now have a limited amount of funding available for NI charitable projects outside of County Londonderry: £2,000 max size of grant.


For more details and application forms, please visit the website:

Or write to: The Honourable The Irish Society, 54 Castleroe Road, Coleraine BT51 3RL.

Telephone: 028 7034 4796


Look at some of our Grant examples and check the Guidelines to see if you believe the Society could help you or your organisation.  Or see details of Recent Grants awarded in the News and Events section.  Other sources of funding can also be found in the Northern Ireland Trust Group's Voluntary Action Handbook.

Please follow this link to the website