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PLEASE NOTE The Culture Arts & Heritage grant scheme 24-25 is now closed.

The Culture Arts and Heritage grant scheme has been designed to best support, promote and develop cultural, arts and heritage events, projects and activities. It has been devised to support local community and voluntary groups to promote and develop projects which broaden cultural access throughout the council area.

You may find it helpful to discuss your project with one of the following officers within the Cultural Arts and Heritage Service Unit before submitting your application:

Arts Projects:  Desima Connolly    028 7083 1400   

Museum/Heritage Projects:  Nic Wright    028 2764 9484  

Organisations applying for funding from the Culture, Arts and Heritage Grant Scheme will have to demonstrate how their organisation contributes to any one of the following Culture, Arts and Heritage Aims identified in the Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council’s Culture, Arts and Heritage Strategy 2016-2021.

  • Enhancing Our Cultural Venues and Assets – To use our landscape and our cultural assets and activities to enable opportunities for both local people and visitors to participate in Culture, Arts and Heritage in the area.
  • Investing in Creative learning and Skills Development –To support the creative development our young people and our creative practitioners through training, skills development and providing opportunities to showcase work.
  • History, Heritage and Cultural Tourism –To promote a sense of pride, identity and deeper understanding of our area by bringing together the many stories, histories, identities and languages which are present in the area.

* Organisers must ensure all Council funded events are in line with the most recent Northern Ireland COVID-19 guidance for events and mass gatherings.

All organisations funded through the Culture, Arts and Heritage Grant Scheme must demonstrate how their project contributes towards the aim most appropriate to address the issues in their area. Organisations will be asked to report back on how effective their project has been in meeting these needs and working towards the appropriate aim.


How to Apply

To apply for any of the Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Councils grants please apply online here

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