Full Council

Date: Tuesday, 25 Apr 2023 Time: 7:00 PM


1.    The Mayor’s Business

2.     Apologies

3.     Declaration of Members’ Interests  

4.     Minutes of Council Meeting held Tuesday 4 April 2023 (copy attached)

5.     Minutes of the Planning Committee meeting held Wednesday 22 March 2023 (copy attached)

6.     Minutes of Environmental Services Committee meeting held Wednesday 5 April 2023 (copy attached)

7.     Minutes of Leisure and Development Committee meeting held Tuesday 18 April 2023 (to follow)

8.     Minutes of Finance Committee meeting held Wednesday 19 April 2023 (to follow)

9.     Minutes of Corporate Policy & Resources Committee meeting held Thursday 20 April 2023 (to follow)

10.   Matters for reporting to the Partnership Panel

11.   Conferences

12.   Correspondence (report attached)

13.   Consultation Schedule (report attached)

14.   Seal Documents

        (i)  Grave Registry Certificates, No’s 5560 to 5574 inclusive;
        (ii)  Supplemental Lease – RJ Pattison Nutt & Sons Limited and Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council - Transfer Station                Artikelly, Aghanloo, Limavady  

Addendum – Seal Document
Licence to Enter Upon Lands and Conduct Works and Maintenance Post Works at Anderson Park, Coleraine – Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council and Northern Regional College (L&P SC 230320, CP&R 230328, CM 230404)


15.   Environmental Services Report     

15.1 Emergency sediment levelling at Portrush, Ballycastle & Ballintoy Harbours  (to follow) 

15.1(i) Tender Letter (correspondence attached)

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