Leisure and Development Committee

Date: Tuesday, 21 Nov 2023 Time: 7:00 PM


1. Apologies
2. Declarations of Interest
3. Minutes of Leisure and Development Committee meeting held Tuesday 17th October 2023 (summary attached)
4. Members will receive a presentation by Invest Northern Ireland (verbal)

FOR DECISION (Items 5 – 10 inclusive)

5. PEACE Plus Local Action Plan (Report attached)
6. Ulster History Circle Partnership (Report attached)
7. Good Relations Strategy (Report attached) (Appendix attached v 2 circulated 23 November 2023)
8. Annual Grant Funding Programmes (Report attached)
9. RNLI Beach Lifeguard Service (Report attached)
10. Review of Village Plans (Report attached)

FOR INFORMATION (Items 11 -12 inclusive)

11. Labour Market Partnership (Report attached)
12. Correspondence (Report attached)
13. Matters for Reporting to the Partnership Panel
14. Consultations


15. Generalist Advice Services Contract (Report attached)
16. Sport and Wellbeing Essential Maintenance (Report attached)
17. Visitors Guide 2024 (Report attached)
18. Holiday and Leisure Parks Essential Works (Report attached)
19. Holiday and Leisure Parks Fees and Charges (Report to follow)
20. Any other relevant business notified in accordance with Standing Order 12. (o)

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