Environmental Services Committee

Date: Tuesday, 14 Mar 2023 Time: 7:00 PM


1. Apologies
2. Declarations of Interest
3. Minutes of previous meeting held Thursday 16 February 2023 (summary attached
    FOR DECISION (Items 4 – 9 inclusive)
4.  Entertainments Licensing Report (report attached)
5. Renewal of Indoor Entertainments Licensing Report (report attached)
6. Lammas Fair Street Trading Applications (report attached)
7. Commencement of Private Tenancies Act (NI) 2022 (report attached)
8. Affordable Warmth Scheme Update (report attached)
9. LiveSmart Community Environmental Grant Programme 2022-23 Applicants (report attached)
    FOR INFORMATION (Items 10 – 16 inclusive)
10. Amusement Permit Renewals (report attached)
11.  Cinema Licence Renewals (report attached)
12. Entertainment Licence Renewals (report attached)
13. Licences Issued Under Delegated Authority (report attached)
14. Petroleum Spirit Licence Renewals (report attached)
15. Society Lottery Registrations (report attached)
16. Building Control Fees Increase (report attached)
17. Matters for Reporting to Partnership Panel
18. Consultations
19. Correspondence
20. Notice of Motion proposed by Councillor Callan, seconded by Alderman Fielding, referred from Council Meeting held 7 March 2023
That this council increase fines for dog fouling, littering and other offences to maximum allowance of £200. This is following powers given to Councils by Stormont officials in the Department for Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs to increase Fixed Penalty Notices in December 2022.
      FOR DECISION IN COMMITTEE (Items 21 – 24 inclusive)
21. Repair to Slipway, North Pier, Portrush Harbour (report attached)
22. The South Pier, Portrush (report attached)  
23. Old Slipway, Portrush Harbour (report attached)
24. Portballintrae Harbour Slipway (report attached)
     FOR INFORMATION IN COMMITTEE (Items 25 – 27 inclusive)
25. Street Trading Licence Renewals (report attached)
26. Ballintoy – Multi Stakeholder Meeting (report attached)
27. Period 10 – ES Management Accounts and Financial Position 2022/23 (to follow)
28. Any Other Relevant Business (notified in accordance with Standing Order 12 (0))

Councillor Callaghan

What steps is this council taking to install Letters to Heaven post boxes in council owned cemeteries across the Borough, to assist Children in their grieving process.

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