Environmental Services Committee

Date: Tuesday, 13 Jun 2023 Time: 7:00 PM


1. Apologies
2. Declarations of Interest
3. Minutes of previous meeting held Wednesday 5 April 2023 (summary attached

    FOR DECISION (Items 4 – 12 inclusive)
4. Terms of Reference (report attached)
5. Entertainments Licensing Report (report attached)
6. Pavement Café Licensing Report (report attached)
7. Business Continuity Management Policy (report attached)
8. Corporate Business Continuity Plan (to follow)
9. New Model Licence Conditions for Entertainments Licences (report attached)
10. Outworkings of the 2021 Review of the Caravans Act (NI) 2011 (report attached)
11. HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) Fuel Trial (report attached)
12. Environmental Services Business Plans 2023/24 (to follow)

      FOR INFORMATION (Items 13 – 21 inclusive)
13. Amusement Permit Renewals (report attached)
14. Entertainment Licence Renewals (report attached)
15. Licences Issued Under Delegated Authority (report attached)
16. Pavement Café Licence Renewals (report attached)
17. Petroleum Spirit Licence Renewals (report attached)
18. Council Emergency Plan (report attached)
19. Outcome of Legal Proceedings (report attached)
20. Tyre Amnesty Pilot (report attached)
21. Waste Data Return October to December 2022 (Provisional) (report attached)
22. Matters for Reporting to Partnership Panel
23. Consultations
24. Correspondence (report attached)

      FOR DECISION IN COMMITTEE (Items 25 – 30 inclusive)
25. Provision for the Haulage, Treatment, Recycling and Disposal of NWRWMG Local Authority Collected Street Sweeping and Gully Waste (report attached) 
26. Site Investigation (SI) & Testing – Phase 1.  Westbay Sea Defence Structure, Portrush (report attached)
27. Pre-Works Dredge Sediment Sampling, Testing and Investigation works.  Major Capital Dredge Programme at Portrush, Ballycastle & Ballintoy Harbours (report attached)
28. Harbours & Marinas – Capital Infrastructure Repair to ‘Footbridge linking Portrush Harbour & Kerr Street – Stage 2 progression request’ (report attached)
29. Request from Portrush Sea Cadets to waive service fees at Council Harbour & Marina facilities (report attached)

      FOR INFORMATION IN COMMITTEE (Items 31-33 inclusive)
30. Street Trading Licence Renewals (report attached)
31. Affordable Warmth Scheme Update (report attached) 
32. ES Management Accounts and Financial Position 2022/23 (report attached)
33. Any Other Relevant Business (notified in accordance with Standing Order 12 (0))

     Councillor Bateson
     Amenity sites late opening hours over the summer

     Councillor Holmes 
     Additional bins for Castlerock

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