Full Council

Date: Tuesday, 05 Nov 2019 Time: 7:00 PM


1.     The Mayor’s Business

2.     Apologies

3.     Declarations of Members’ Interests

4.     Presentation by DfI - Roads Programme - Autumn Consultation 2019 (attached)
To receive:
David Porter, Divisional Roads Manager
Austin Montgomery, Section Engineer Causeway Coast & Glens (West)
James Middleton, Section Engineer Causeway Coast & Glens (East)

5.     Minutes of Special Council Meeting held Tuesday 11 September 2019, reconvened Tuesday 1 October 2019 (attached)

6.     Minutes of Planning Committee Meeting held Wednesday 25 September 2019 (attached)

7.     Minutes of Council Meeting held Tuesday 1 October 2019 (attached)

8.     Minutes of Special Council Meeting held Thursday 3 October 2019 (attached)

9.     Minutes of Environmental Services Committee Meeting held Tuesday 8 October 2019 (attached)

10.   Minutes of Leisure & Development Committee Meeting held Tuesday 15 October 2019 (attached)

11.    Minutes of Corporate Policy and Resources Committee Meeting held Tuesday 22 October 2019 (attached)

12.    Minutes of Special Council Meeting held Thursday 24 October 2019 (attached)

13.    Minutes of Finance Committee Meeting held Thursday 24 October 2019 (attached)

14.    Festive Fund Grant Awards 2019 (report attached)

15.    Matters for reporting to Partnership Panel – Local Government Side

16.    Conferences (report attached)

17.    Correspondence (report attached)

18.    Consultation Schedule (report attached)

19.    Seal Documents

Grave Registry Certificates (Nos 4832 – 4849 inclusive)
19.1  Coleraine/Ballywillan/Agherton/Portstewart/Kilrea (12 No)

19.2  Ballymoney/Rasharkin (3 No)

19.3  Limavady (3 No)

Other Leases/Licences
19.4  Deed of Transfer - Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council and NIHE (Ref L&P 171128)

19.5  Transfer of Ownership – Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council and Group 10, The Royal British Legion (Ref L&P SC 190807, CP&R 190820, CM 190827)

19.6  Licence Agreement – Unit 1, Drumaheglis Holiday Park and Marina, 6 Glenstall Road, Ballymoney, BT53 7QN (Ref CM 190416)

19.7  Licence Agreement for Carrick Dhu Coffee Shop, 12 Ballyreagh Road, Portrush, Co Antrim, BT56 8LS (Ref CM190416)

19.8  Licence Agreement for Juniper Hill Café, Unit 2, Juniper Hill Holiday Park, 70 Ballyreagh Road, Portstewart, BT55 7PT (Ref CM 190416)

19.9  Wayleave Agreement No 818102 – Underground Cable at Cloonavin, Coleraine (Ref L&P SC 190904, CP&R 190917, CM 191001)

19.10 Reversionary Lease for Cushendun Play Area – The National Trust for Places of Historic Interest or Natural Beauty and Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council (Ref L&P SC 190807, L&D 190813, CM 190827)

19.11 Modification to Planning Agreement Pursuant to Section 77 of the Planning Act relating to lands at 59 Green Road, Coleraine, County Londonderry (PC 190925)

19.12 Rectification of Title with Northern Ireland Housing Executive – Ramsey Park, Macosquin

19.13 Tenancy Agreement, Carrick Dhu Caravan Park, 12 Ballyreach Road, Portrush (for sign and seal only)

20.    Notice of Motion proposed by Councillor Holmes, seconded by Alderman McCandless   

“Council notes the existing arrangements for Freedom of the Borough.

Council proposes that in future:

A single event is held I the latter part of Year 4 of the Council term.

Up to 4 Freedom of the Borough’s may be bestowed on worthy citizens or organisations.

Recommendations for Freedom of the Borough will go forward to a sub-committee established for the purpose.

The Committee will also establish basic criteria upon which to determine whether a Freedom of the Borough has been met.  The Committee will put forward the 4 names to CPR/Full Council.”

21.   Notice of Motion Proposed by Councillor Hunter, seconded by Councillor Holmes

“Council notes the successful development of the Bushmills Salmon and Whiskey Festival and tasks Officers to develop plans to enhance it as a Food Festival to help promote Taste Causeway and the local Food Industry.

22.   Notice of Motion proposed by Councillor Richard Holmes seconded by Councillor Wilson

“Council notes the rise in tourists coming to the area and the significant spend across the council area.  Council also notes that this is heavily biased towards the coastal areas where most of our attractions are located.  In order to help inland attractions Council task officers to establish tourist trails for holiday makers.  Such routes may include Yellow Frame trail, GoT trail, 1718 Migration trail amongst others.”

23.   Notice of Motion proposed by Councillor Holmes seconded by Alderman McKeown

“Council notes that we currently have four Twinning Committees in operation which run independently of Council but supported by Council.  With the imminent Brexit deadline Council tasks officers to explore opportunities for trade missions with our twinned destinations. Consultees should include (but not exclusively so) the Twinning Committees of the various towns (both partners in the twinning arrangement) and local trade bodies.”

24.   Notice of Motion proposed by Councillor Hunter seconded by Councillor Wilson

“That this Council recognises our up and coming athletes within our Borough, seeing first hand at The 148th Open the fitness required for those taking part at this level.

I propose that within our Borough, that CCGBC puts in place within its owned leisure facilities/fitness suites/athletes track and swimming pools, that we establish a similar Elite Athletes Card Scheme, comparable to those in other Council Areas within Northern Ireland.”

25.   Notice of Motion proposed by Alderman McKeown seconded by Councillor Holmes

“This Council notes recently published research from the charity CARE NI that found 445 attacks have been recorded on places of worship in Northern Ireland in just the last 3 years.  It notes with concern that 12 of these despicable attacks were recorded in the Causeway Coast & Glens policing district; unreservedly condemns all attacks on places of worship, no matter what faith or denomination, and upholds the important human right for individuals to be free to worship and live out their faith in this society. This Council also notes the operation of the Places of Worship Security Scheme in England and Wales and expresses regret that a similar scheme is not available in Northern Ireland. This Council therefore agrees to write to the Department for Communities and the Northern Ireland Office calling for the swift introduction of a similar scheme locally.”

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