Planning Committee

Date: Wednesday, 26 Oct 2022 Time: 10:30 AM


1. Apologies
2. Declarations of Interest
3. Minutes of Planning Committee meeting held Wednesday 28 September 2022 (copy attached) 
4. Order of Items and Confirmation of Registered Speakers
5. Schedule of Applications:
   5.1 LA01/2019/1217/F (Major) Lands at & adjacent to No. 34 Agherton Road Portstewart (report attached) (Addendum attached)
   5.2 LA01/2020/0942/LBC (Council) 65 Main Street, Bushmills (report attached)
   5.3 LA01/2021/1503/F (Council) 65 Main Street, Bushmills (report attached)
   5.4 LA01/2020/0559//F (Council and Objection) 3 Berne Road, Portstewart (report attached)
   5.5 LA01/2022/0735/F (Council) West Bay Car Park, Eglinton Street, Portrush (report attached) (Addendum attached) (Correspondence from Applicant attached)
   5.6 LA01/2020/0815/O (Referral) 124 Mullan Road & Lands immediately South East of 124 Mullan Road, Rasharkin (report attached) (Addendum 2 attached) (Site Visit Report attached)
   5.7 LA01/2022/0061/O (Referral) Lands located immediately North of 41B Tirkeeran Road, Garvagh (report attached) (Site Visit Report attached)
   5.8 LA01/2020/1135/F (Referral) Site at 80a Curragh Road, Dungiven (report attached) (Addendum 3 attached) (Correspondence from Applicant attached)
   5.9 LA01/2021/0756/F (Referral) Approximately 25m South of 23 Causeway Road Bushmills (report attached)
   5.10 LA01/2022/0130F (Referral) Lands to the rear of and adjacent to No. 45 Middlepark Road, Cushendall (report attached)
   5.11 LA01/2020/0744/F (Referral) Lands between 24 & 26 Fivey Road, Armoy Ballymoney (report attached)
6. Development Management and Enforcement
   6.1 Quarterly report on Planning Performance (report attached)
7. Development Plan
   7.1 Quarterly Verbal Update
8. Correspondence: 
   8.1 Council’s response – Advance Notice of Listing – War Memorial, Ballydevitt Road, Aghadowey (copy attached) 
9. Reports
   9.1 Design Arbitrator (report attached)
   9.2 Second Homes (report attached)
   9.3 Amended Retention and Disposal Schedule (report attached)
   9.4 Planning Publication Policy (copy attached)
FOR CONFIDENTIAL CONSIDERATION (Item 10, 10.1, 10.2, 10.3)
10. Confidential Items:
   10.1 Update on Legal Issues (verbal update) 
   10.2 Finance Period 1 - 5 - Update 2022/23 (report attached)
   10.3 New Planning Portal (verbal update)
11. Any Other Relevant Business (in accordance with Standing Order 12 (o))

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