Shadow Council

Date: Thursday, 26 Mar 2015 Time: 8:30 PM


1.  Apologies
2.  Declarations of Interest
3.  Nominations to Positions of Responsibility (report attached)
4.  Nominations to Committees (report attached)
5.  Election of Aldermen (pending Borough Status)
     Regulation 4 of The Local Government (Transitional, Incidental, Consequential and Supplemental Provisions) Regulations
     (Northern Ireland) 2014 deals with the designation of aldermen and it outlines the following:
     1) The ordinary election of aldermen shall be held at the annual meeting of the council.
     2) The number of aldermen shall be such number as the council may determine but shall not exceed one quarter of the whole
         number of the councillors.
     3) If the number of councillors nominated as a candidate for the position of alderman does not exceed the number determined
         by the council and the council so agrees, those nominated councillors may be deemed to be elected to the position of
     4) If the above does not apply, an alderman shall be elected by the Council from among the Members.
     5) The ordinary election of aldermen shall be held in every fourth year, being an election year.
     6) A councillor shall be a candidate for election as an alderman if– 
         i. he is nominated as a candidate by one other councillor as proposer and another as seconder; and 
        ii. he assents to the nomination
     7) Any nomination may be made, and any assent may be given, either in the course of the meeting or by a document signed by
         the councillor or councillors in question and delivered to the clerk of the council before the beginning of the meeting.
     8) A councillor entitled to vote at a contested election of an alderman shall do so by signing and delivering at the meeting to the
         clerk of the council a voting paper containing in order of preference the full names of the candidate or candidates for whom he

6.  Nominations to Policing and Community Safety Partnership 
     Council agreed that 10 elected members, 3 DUP; 3 UU; 2SF, 1 SDLP; 1 TUV,  should be appointed to the new PCSP (
     based on the d’Hondt method) and the appointments confirmed at the AGM.

7.  Appointments to External Bodies (schedule attached)

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