Leisure and Development Committee

Date: Tuesday, 20 Sep 2022 Time: 7:00 PM


A  G  E  N  D  A
1. Apologies
2. Declarations of Interest
3. Minutes of Leisure and Development Committee Meeting held Tuesday 21st  June 2022 (summary attached)
   FOR DECISION (Items 4-11 inclusive)
4. Digital Transformation Flexible Fund (Report attached)
5. Alchemy Mentoring Support Services (Report attached)
6. Small Settlements Restore and Reactivate Grant Programme (Report attached)
7. Annual Landfill Communities Fund Policy Review (Report attached)
8. Landfill Communities Fund 2nd Call (Report attached)
9. Annual Grant Funding Policy Review (Report attached
10. Millburn Community Centre (Report attached)
11. Temporary Skateboard Facility (Report attached)
      FOR INFORMATION (Items 12-20 inclusive)
12. PCSP Annual Report (Report attached
13. PEACE Plus Update (Report attached)
14. DfC Funding and Poverty Support (Report attached)
15. Queen’s Platinum Jubilee (Report attached)
16. Small Settlement Programme Update (Report attached)
17. Atlantic Link Project Board Minutes (attached)
18. Air Show Project Board Minutes (attached)
19. Leisure Facility Project Board Minutes (attached)
20. Grants Governance Panel Minutes (attached)
21. Correspondence (attached)
22. Matters Reporting to the Partnership Panel
23. Consultations
24. Notice of Motion proposed by Councillor C McShane, seconded by Councillor Nicholl
      ‘Propose that Council renames the Ballycastle Tennis Courts to the ‘Alex McFarland Tennis Courts’.
      FOR CONFIDENTIAL CONSIDERATION (Items 25-29 inclusive)
25. SWB Essential Maintenance (Report attached)
26. Dungiven Bowling (Report attached)
27. Kerr Street EI Scheme (Report attached)
28. NW200 Partnership (Report attached)
29. Leisure and Development 2022/2023 Budget (Report attached)
30. Any other relevant business notified in accordance with Standing Order 12. (o)

Councillor Nicholl
‘What is the council doing to alleviate the hardship that our communities will face this winter due to the spiralling energy and inflation costs.’

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