Corporate Policy and Resources Committee

Date: Tuesday, 18 Jun 2019 Time: 7:00 PM


1.  Apologies

2.  Declarations of Interest

3.  Terms of Reference (For Information)

4.  Minutes of Meeting held Tuesday 19 March 2019 (summary attached)

5.  Prudential Indicators (report attached – For Decision)

6.  Performance Improvement Plan 2019/2020 (report attached – For Decision)

7.  Exemption for Councillors Data Registration (report attached – For Information)

8.  Proposals for Development of a New Council Strategy/Corporate Plan (report attached – For Information)

9.  Prompt Payment Statistics (report attached – For Information)

10.  Correspondence (report attached)

11.  Consultations

12.  Conferences

13.  Matters for Reporting to Partnership Panel


14.  Management Accounts (confidential report attached) - NOT FOR PUBLICATION

15.  Debt Management (confidential report attached) - NOT FOR PUBLICATION

16.  Procurement Report to Progress Internal Audit Tender (confidential report attached) – NOT FOR PUBLICATION

17.  ODHR Report – Voluntary Severance Request (to follow) NOT FOR PUBLICATION

18.  Minutes of the Meeting of the Land and Property Sub-Committee for 5 June 2019 (to follow)

          18.1 Ref: 30/19 Icons of Northern Ireland Sand Sculptures, Tourism NI (verbal update)

19.  Minutes of Governance Working Group (to follow)

20.  Any Other Relevant Business (notified in accordance with Standing Order 12(o))

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