Leisure and Development Committee Committee

Date: Tuesday, 14 Aug 2018 Time: 7:00 PM


1.  Apologies

2.  Declarations of Interest

3.  Minutes of meeting held Tuesday 12 June 2018 (Summary attached)

FOR DECISION (Items 4-7 Inclusive)

4.  Coleraine Business Improvement District (Report attached)

5.  CCTV Provision (Report attached)

6.  Play Investment Strategy (Report attached)

7.  Causeway Coast & Glens Heritage Trust (Report attached)

FOR INFORMATION (Items 8-9 Inclusive)

8.  PCSP Annual Report (Report attached)

9.  Portrush Public Realm Update (Report attached)

10. Matters for Reporting to Partnership Panel

11. Correspondence

12.  Consultation (schedule attached)

13. Notice of Motion Proposed by Councillor Stevenson, seconded by Alderman Campbell

That members of this council are fully updated in regards to the details of the process leading up and including the transferring of Edward Street Social Centre to NICVA following the Council meeting of Tuesday 22nd May, 2018, during a call in period. That members are also updated as to the  process      and rationale for rejecting a call in on the decision not to take on ownership”.

14.  Notice of Motion Proposed by Councillor Stevenson, seconded by Alderman Campbell

That this council ensure that an Audit of Need and Options Appraisal in relation to Community Facilities is carried out in all towns in the borough with a population of over 5,000. That these audits be carried out over the next four years and that it starts with the largest population in descending order, the first audit to be completed by March 2019.


15.  Ballysally Community Centre (Report attached)

16.  Coastal & Dune Management Tender Report (Report attached)

17.  Any other relevant business notified in accordance with Standing Order 12. (o)

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