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Council meeting update - Tuesday 1st February 2022

Council meeting update - Tuesday 1st February 2022

Thu, February 03, 2022

A full meeting of Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council was held on Tuesday 1st February 2022.

During the meeting, elected members ratified the following decisions:

Environmental Services committee

Trading pitches

It was agreed that the number of trading pitches should stay the same until the next auction in order to reflect what was bid for initially. Further to this, goods sold at any new pitches will be agreed by Council before auction and the same process will apply for existing pitches.

Castlerock Footbridge

Meet 50% of the associated costs for an assessment of Castlerock Footbridge to be carried out by Translink’s consultants at a cost of approximately £10,000-£12,500.

Asset Realisation

A gap site located off New Market Street in Coleraine and a disused Depot site off Fairhill Street in Ballycastle were declared surplus to requirements and will now be subject to the asset realisation process.

Limavady Accessible Play Park

A Concessionary Trading pitch will be established at Limavady Accessible Play Park for food and drinks.

Leisure and Development committee

Coleraine Leisure Centre

There was unanimous agreement that an additional swimming pool and soft play area should be looked at as part of plans to redevelop Coleraine Leisure Centre.

Metropole Park lease request

It was agreed ‘in principle’ to consider a lease or licence to Causeway Association of Urban Sports that offers a suitable resolution to its request to use Council land at Metropole Park in Portrush that includes considerations regarding affordability, maintenance, insurance and a ‘get out’ clause for both parties.


Sustainable Food & Essential Supplies Grant

12 successful applications were recommended to receive funding from the programme.

Community Festivals Fund

One successful application was recommended to receive funding.

Town Centre Experience Fund

It was recommended to award Town Centre Experience Funding to six successful applicants who will receive the maximum grant of £4000 each.

Scroggy Road maintenance

Expenditure of £15,000 was approved to replace the existing gas boilers at Scroggy Road Changing Facilities in Limavady.


As per normal Council procedures, all decisions are subject to the ‘call-in’ process.

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