Screening Reports January to March 2023

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Section 75 Equality and Good Relations

Consultation on Screening of Policies January to March 2023

Policy/StrategyAim/Purpose of PolicyNew or Revised PolicyDate of ScreeningRecommendation
Redeployment PolicyCauseway Coast and Glens Borough Council recognises that the employees concerned in a redeployment situation have a range of experience and expertise which may enable them to continue to contribute to the success of Council, given suitable opportunities to do so. For redeployment to be successfully achieved, employees may be expected to undertake appropriate training (where required and where reasonable) and to exercise flexibility in considering available opportunities. This policy aims to ensure that all available opportunities are considered. This policy aims to provide a framework for managing redeployment within Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council, including the roles and responsibilities of those involved in operating the policy. The Council wants to ensure that, where possible, individual skills and experience are able to be retained and redeployed, reducing the need for compulsory redundancy. New03.01.2023Screened out without mitigation