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What is Teen Gym?

Welcome to 'Teen Gym'.

Teen Gym is a great way to introduce you and your friends to exercising in a gym environment. Participants will be taught how to use a variety of cardiovascular equipment. Fitness instructors will try to help you understand the benefits that exercise can offer you, in a safe and friendly way.

Whether you have used a gym before or whether this is your first time, this information has been written to help participants get the most out of fitness training.

Please read through this information with your parent/guardian before booking your first gym session. Please note: Your parent/guardian must sign the parental consent form before you can become a member of Teen Gym. For further information please contact Coleraine Leisure Centre on 028 7034 7202.


Age Range for Teen Gym:

12 years to 15 years. (All teens must be of the appropriate age. Proof of age may be required.) Your Teen Gym Membership Card must be produced at each session.



At registration your parent or guardian will be asked to complete some forms on your behalf.



During your induction you will be shown how to use the equipment suitable for Teen Gym. Any help required will be given by a Fitness Consultant.

Please note: You should never try to use a piece of equipment that you have not been shown how to use. Do not guess! You may end up hurting yourself or damaging the equipment. Always ask for assistance from a fitness instructor, who will always be available.


Getting Started:

If you are interested in Teen Gym you can download the consent forms here with PAR-Q form attached. A parent/guardian must fill in these forms and bring them to the Leisure Centre with the £ 10 registration fee. This fee covers your Teen Gym induction, which needs to be completed before you can start attending the sessions, your Teen Gym T-shirt and training log.

Each session costs £ 2.50 and are listed below.  Or why not buy a concession card for £10.00 (5 sessions for the proce of 4)

Click here to view TEEN GYM RULES.

Teen Gym Times:

MONDAY 4.00pm  -  5.00pm
TUESDAY 4.00pm  -  5.00pm
WEDNESDAY 3.45pm  -  4.45pm  &  4.45pm  -  5.45pm
THURSDAY 4.00pm  -  5.00pm
FRIDAY 3.45pm  -  4.45pm  &  4.45pm  -  5.45pm
SATURDAY 3.00pm  -  4.00pm

 Teen Gym Timetable