Praise for Coleraine dance crew who lit up Blackpool with 'energy and passion'

Praise for Coleraine dance crew who lit up Blackpool with 'energy and passion'

Fri, March 22, 2024

Coleraine-based ICONIC Street Dance have been welcomed to Cloonavin by Deputy Mayor, Councillor Margaret Anne McKillop in celebration of their recent competition success.

The group, who made it to the finals of Dance Inspirations in Blackpool this January, competed against some of the UK's top performers during the tour.

Welcoming the dancers to the Mayor’s chamber, Deputy Mayor Councillor Margaret-Anne McKillop said: “It is always wonderful to recognise young people from the Borough who are so passionate about dance. I enjoyed speaking with the group and hearing about what both the club and dance means to them.

“I’d like to congratulate them on their success in Blackpool and also acknowledge the dance instructors, family and friends who have no doubt supported them with training in the lead up to the competition.”

With over 500 entries in the semi-finals, only the top 66 routines qualified to compete in the grand finals, so instructor Michaela McMichael said she was “incredibly proud” that her young dancers were placed in the top ten.

"The senior crew were placed eighth out of over 60 incredible routines - top ten in the nation. And our junior crew won second place in the whole of the UK and Ireland in the semi-finals. 

"This was a huge division with lots of talent, so I'm incredibly proud of this little team who danced with so much energy and passion."

Ms McMichael added that much of her pride came from the ethos of the group: "In our dance school, along with head coach Sydney Rosier who is so skilful and dedicated, the priority isn't competition, it's to build self-esteem and have fun, so to achieve this win on top of that wellbeing goal that we strive for every day is just incredible. 

"When the young people step into our studio, we want them to just shake off their burdens and dance."

The Coleraine-based choreographer also explained she firmly believes in dance as a way of promoting mental health.

"Some of our dancers would at times struggle with anxiety over the various challenges that young people have to face these days, but when they get up on that stage you would not know it - when they perform, they exude confidence and that's why I'm so delighted they achieved what they did.”

ICONIC dance classes are held on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays at Sperrin Business Park on the Ballycastle Road in Coleraine. For more information, click here or email  

The ICONIC Street Dance crew are welcomed to Cloonavin by Deputy Mayor Councillor Margaret-Anne McKillop