Fiver Fest celebration coming to Limavady

Fiver Fest celebration coming to Limavady

Tue, October 05, 2021

Limavady’s independent shops and businesses are joining in with the Totally Locally National Fiver Fest  - an innovative celebration of our independent high streets.

To show the importance of supporting our high streets, Limavady is joining with other Independent High Streets across the UK, to put on very special £5 offers from October 9th – 23rd.  

Fiver Fest is a free to join campaign, devised and run by Totally Locally, a Grass Roots High Street Organisation that has been helping businesses and High Streets to help themselves since 2010 with incredible results. 

The campaign in Limavady is supported by Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council’s Environmental Resource Officer Team who recently added a new strand about sustainable shopping to its LiveSmart campaign. ShopSmart aims to reduce our carbon footprint by encouraging us all to spend part of our weekly budget with our local independent retailers. 

The Mayor, Councillor Richard Holmes, commented: “Limavady’s independent shops and businesses are what makes the town special and unique. The pandemic has encouraged renewed community support for local businesses, so these offers are a way to say thank you to customers while highlighting the great value and significant economic and environmental impact of choosing to shop locally.

“Supporting shops and businesses in our towns and villages has a positive impact across the Borough and through ShopSmart we want to show how small steps by individuals can make a big difference collectively.”

Fiver Fest is based around the famous Totally Locally £5 message: “If every adult in Limavady spent just £5 per week in their local independent shops and businesses, it would mean £2.3 million per year going directly into our local economy. Which can lead to more jobs, a better high street, a stronger economy & a nicer place to live. Makes you think doesn’t it?!”

So far, the following businesses have signed up to take part in the Totally Locally Limavady Fiver Fest: Lovely Looks, Pets Are Us, Wee Smellys, Finishing Touches, Lucille’s Tea Rooms, Route 66, Instore, Cards and Gifts and are Piazza. 

Any other independent business who would like to take part should contact Fiona Watters at

The latest details on all the special offers can be found on the TotallyLocallyLimavady Facebook page and on Instagram.

For Fiver Fest, Totally Locally is partnering with Visa, and together, they are calling on shoppers to divert £5 of their weekly spend to support the small businesses in their communities.

“We know Fiver Fest isn’t going to change the world”, said Chris Sands of Totally Locally, “But small changes in spending habits can really make a difference to our high streets. Just by diverting £5 of our weekly spend to local independents we give them a fighting chance to thrive. The Pandemic has shown just what an amazing contribution they make to our local communities. It’s a conversation worth having.

It is for this reason, that the sixth National Fiver Fest is taking place. This time it’s even more important than ever, after how our world has changed during 2021. YouGov research has shown that 59% of shoppers have used more local shops to support them during lockdown. And they want to keep on supporting them. Fiver Fest makes that even easier.

For further information please see and

Connor and Jennifer from Cafe Piazza getting ready for Totally Locally Limavady Fiver Fest from 9th to 23rd October Emer from Cards and Gifts getting ready for the first ever Totally Locally Limavady Fiver Fest from 9th to 23rd October Sean from Route 66 will be offering 2 milkshakes, or 2 medium tubs or nachos and a milkshake for £5 during Totally Locally Limavady Fiver Fest from 9th to 23rd October. Terri-Lee from Wee Smellys are offering 5 melts for £5 during Totally Locally Fiver Fest from 9th to 23rd October Helen from Finishing Touches will be taking part Totally Locally Limavady Fiver Fest from 9th to 23rd October. Treat your furry friend at Pets R Us during Totally Locally Limavady Fiver Fest from 9th to 23rd October Cherry from Lovely Looks will have a range of beautiful jewellery on offer during Totally Locally Limavady Fiver Fest from 9th to 23rd October.