Cast your vote as Council shortlists names for new Mobile Accessibility Changing Units

Cast your vote as Council shortlists names for new Mobile Accessibility Changing Units

Tue, April 18, 2023

Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council is urging people to cast their votes as it seeks to name two very special new vehicles that have joined its fleet.

Two bespoke Mobile Accessible Changing Units (MACUs) have been purchased by Council as part of its COVID Recovery Revitalisation Programme, funded by the Department for Communities (DfC) and Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA).

Designed to ‘Changing Places’ standards, these vehicles will be available for use at Council events and can be booked for community events, helping to make them more accessible, welcoming and inclusive for people with additional needs.

The MACUs come complete with a host of important equipment including an XY hoist, height adjustable changing bed and wash hand basin, toilet, shower, lighting, non-slip flooring, shelving, hooks, mirror and privacy screen.

Last month, the Council asked people to put forward their ideas for suitable names for these two new vehicles.

Having received many creative suggestions, a shortlist of 12 potential names has now been compiled. The winning two names will be selected by public vote.

Encouraging people to take part in the vote, Mayor of Causeway Coast and Glens, Councillor Ivor Wallace said:

“Thank you to everyone who entered this competition to name our two new Mobile Accessible Changing Units. I would urge people, particularly those individuals and families who will benefit directly from the new mobile units, to take part in the vote and have their say on what these special vehicles should be named.

“Council strives to provide a truly accessible and inclusive service, and in recent years we have taken steps to ensure our services and facilities can be used and enjoyed by everyone in the Borough.

“We are very pleased to now have these mobile units as part of our fleet and I am confident they will create more opportunities for those who need them to participate more fully in our events and community life.”

The shortlist of names for the two vehicles, along with the reasons behind these suggestions, is as follows:

  • Lili-Loo - Named after our 14-year-old severely learning and physically disabled daughter Lilia, whose ‘pet name’ is Lili-Loo within our family circle. I think a MACU should be named after Lilia due to her huge contribution to the changing places toilet campaigning work within Causeway Coast and Glens Council area where we live, and across Northern Ireland. I feel that she would be very deserving of this honour. Lilia is a Changing Places toilet user as she requires the safety, dignity and hygienic facilities offered by these mobile changing places units.  She needs this to get out-and-about and attend events like everyone else and to realise the benefits and opportunities of full equality, access and inclusion.
  • LOO2GO - We as a family rely on current Changing Places and Mobiloo for our son who has cerebral palsy and are delighted to hear that more is now available for when we are visiting and out and about.
  • Lulu
  • Dignity - Dignity because having a suitable place to change instead of an undignified and awkward one is fantastic. I have been a respite carer and seen myself having to lift a child onto a floor using a blanket on the floor for a changing place in an emergency. I am delighted to see this. I also work as a physio and know the impact this has on so many families. 
  • Freedom - Freedom because these special vehicles will allow families to attend events which previously they could not. 
  • Connect - These changing units promote facilities for disabled people so that no one should feel disconnected from society.
  • Causeway Comfort Cabin – The name suggests cosiness, a haven of protection from the outside world. The MACU will be a valued asset to the Causeway community, giving access to many events that are frequently inaccessible to the disabled.
  • Inclusion – You are including our whole community by having these available at events throughout the Borough. These will make such a huge difference to the impact on disabled people’s social life and mental health by being able to attend events knowing these are there. This is massive and something to be proud of.
  • Diversity
  • PP pod - I have a young eight-year-old disabled son and he thought this would be a great name for it.
  • The Glens – Together We Care
  • The Causeway Coast – Together We Care

You can cast your vote here.

The vote will close Friday, 28 April at 3pm, with winners to be announced the following week.

Pictured at Cloonavin with Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council’s new Mobile Accessible Changing Units are Diversity Champion, Councillor Cara McShane, William Cameron (Department for Communities), Rhonda Williamson (Department for Communities), Elaine McConaghie (Policy Officer), Geraldine Wills (Town and Village Project Officer), Julienne Elliott (Town and Village Project Manager), the Mayor, Councillor Ivor Wallace, and Michael Holden (AccessoLoo Director). Pictured at Cloonavin with one of Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council’s new Mobile Accessible Changing Units are the Mayor, Councillor Ivor Wallace, Michael Holden (AccessoLoo Director) and Julienne Elliott, Town and Village Project Manager. The interior of one of the Council's new Mobile Accessible Changing Units