Land and Property Sub Committee

Date: Wednesday, 07 Jun 2023 Time: 7:00 PM


1.  Apologies

2.  Declarations of Interest

3.  Nomination of Chair and Vice-Chair

4.  Minutes of Previous Meeting held on 6th April 2023 (Summary Attached

5.  Land and Property Governance (report attached)


6.  Requests for Use of Council Land

6.1 Requests to Use Council Land (report attached)

6.2 Portstewart Harbour -CRS Request to Connect to Council’s Electricity Supply Ref 160/22 (report to follow)

7.  Requests to Purchase/Dispose of Council Land/Property

7.1 Third Party Requests to Purchase Council Land – Summary (report attached)

7.2 Killyrammer Dis-Used Community Centre – Progression of Disposal via Legal Conveyancing (report to follow)

7.3 Coleraine – Land Located off Portrush Road – Disposal of Asset (report to follow)

7.4  Acquisition of Land and Churchtown Road, Garvagh (to follow)

8   Leases and Licences

8.1 Leases and Licenses – Renewal of Commercial Leases - Quarterly Update (report attached)

8.2 Portballintrae - Extension to Existing Leases (Ref 01/23/P and 02/23/P) (report attached)

8.3 Portballintrae – Easement Request (Ref 01/23/MS) (report attached)

8.4 Limavady, Roe Valley Arts and Cultural Centre – Easement Request and Purchase of Lands Ref 04/22/E – (report attached) 

8.5 Portrush, Metropole Park, – Proposed Lease of Land (report attached)

8.6 Bayview Café, Ballycastle – Update of Market Lease Tender (report to follow)

9   Correspondence

10  Legal Issues

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