Full Council

Date: Tuesday, 07 Dec 2021 Time: 7:00 PM


1.    The Mayor’s Business
2.    Apologies

3.    Declaration of Members’ Interests

4.    Deputation – DfI Roads Autumn Consultation, Northern Division – C Hutchinson, Divisional Roads Manager, J Morrison, Section Engineer Causeway Coast & Glens (West), I Lowe Section Engineer, Causeway Coast & Glens (East), in attendance (report to follow)

5.    Minutes of Special Council Meeting held Tuesday 2nd November 2021 at 6PM (attached)

6.    Minutes of Council Meeting held Tuesday 2nd November 2021 (attached)

7.    Minutes of Planning Committee Meeting held Wednesday 27th October 2021 (attached)

8.    Minutes of Environmental Services Committee Meeting held Tuesday 9th November 2021 (attached)

9.    Minutes of Finance Committee Meeting held Thursday 11th November 2021 (attached)

10.  Minutes of Leisure and Development Committee Meeting held Tuesday 16th November 2021 (attached v2)

11.   Minutes of Corporate, Policy and Resources Committee Meeting held Tuesday 23rd November 2021 (attached)


Matters Arising

11.1  Minutes of the Land and Property Sub Committee meeting held 3 November 2021 - Request to Use Council Land Ref 106/21 Use of Main Street Carpark, Limavady (ref CP&R minute Item 11.2) (report attached)

11.2  Provision of Employment of Agency Services (ref CP&R minute Item 12 (to follow)

Addendum For Confidential Consideration (Item 11.3)

11.3  Addendum - Minutes of the Land and Property Sub Committee 3 November 2021 - Ref 87/20 – Portstewart, The Crescent – Repainting of Biblical Script (Item 5.1) (ref CP&R Minute Item 11.3) (Legal Opinion attached)

12.   Matters for reporting to the Partnership Panel

13.   Conferences

14.   Correspondence (report attached)

15.   Consultation Schedule (report attached)

16.   Seal Documents

         i  Grave Registry Certificates, No’s 5227- 5248 inclusive;
        ii   Agreement relating to advance for purchase of a car, Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council and employee (name notified);
        iii  Deed of Surrender, Portstewart Town Hall (retrospective) (Ref L&P S/C 210203/CP&R 210223/CM 210302)

17. Notice of Motion proposed by Alderman Robinson, seconded by Councillor Scott

That this Council exerts ownership and maintains a path which links the densely populated south eastern quadrant of Limavady Town into our own Blackburn Path. The improved linkage would encourage greater pedestrian usage into the town centre and in doing so would enhance the health and well-being of the local population whilst reducing vehicular usage. It would help to reduce anti-social behaviour and further open up the park for the wider community.


18.   Rescission of a Preceding Resolution (copy attached)

 We the undersigned, and in accordance with Standing Order 23 (1) wish to rescind the following motion, proposed by Alderman Hillis at the council meeting on Tuesday 2nd November 2021 and which was ratified by council

  “That Council does not sell to the preferred bidder, but instead repeat the process, go out to the market for a third time with a view to attracting bids which will enhance the town of Portrush and the entire Borough by bringing a year-round experience which can be enjoyed by local families and families visiting the area”.

 Signed: Councillor McLean, Councillor McQuillan, Alderman Duddy, Councillor Anderson, Alderman Finlay, Councillor Wallace

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