Full Council

Date: Tuesday, 07 Nov 2023 Time: 7:00 PM


1.   The Mayor’s Business
2.   Apologies 
3.   Declaration of Members’ Interests  
4.   Deputation – Northern Ireland Housing Executive (NIHE) Investment Plans. Grainia Long – NIHE Chief Executive,
      Frank O’Connor – North Regional Manager, Mark Alexander – Causeway Area Manager in attendance
      (copy embargoed until 07/11/23 at 7pm) 
5.   Minutes of Council meeting held Tuesday 3 October 2023 (copy attached)
6.   Minutes of Special Council meeting held Wednesday 18 October 2023 (copy attached
7.   Minutes of Special Council meeting held Monday 30 October 2023 (to follow)
8.   Minutes of Planning committee meeting held Wednesday 27 September 2023 (copy attached
9.   Minutes of Environmental Services committee meeting held Tuesday 10 October 2023 (copy attached)
10. Minutes of Finance committee meeting held Thursday 12 October 2023 (copy attached)
11. Minutes of Leisure and Development committee meeting held Tuesday 17 October 2023 (copy attached)
12. Minutes of Corporate Policy and Resources committee meeting held Tuesday 24 October 2023 (copy attached
13. Matters for reporting to the Partnership Panel
14. Conferences 
15. Correspondence 
16. Consultation Schedule (report attached
17. Seal Documents
(i)   Grave Registry Certificates, No’s 5663 to 5678;
(ii)  Extinguishment Order – Backburn Path – Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council and Backburn Path
      Extinguishment Order 2003 (L&D – 230919 CM – 231003)
(iii) Co-operation Agreement – Provision of Legal Services – Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council and
      Derry City and Strabane District Council (CP&R – 230926 CM – 231003)
(iv) Agreement Relating to Advance for Purchase of Car - Ref. 210-5115
18. Notice of Motion proposed by Councillor Stirling, seconded by Councillor Huggins 
      I call upon this council to submit an application to host Armed Forces Day 2026. This significant event is a
      great opportunity to show our support and give thanks to our military personnel and families both past and
      present including our veterans and cadets. This event will attract thousands of visitors to our Beautiful Borough,
      supporting our local traders and tourism providers. 

19. Notice of Motion proposed by Councillor Watton, seconded by Councillor Kyle
      That this Council reinstate the previous policy of full cross party and Independents' attendance at
      Group Leaders meetings. 

20. Notice of Motion proposed by Councillor Peacock, seconded by Councillor Bateson
      This council condemns all attacks and suffering inflicted against civilians in the Middle East. We recognise that
      there is no justification for the killing of civilians or the taking of civilian hostages who must be urgently released.
      All acts of violence must end immediately.  I propose that this council condemns the killing that has taken place
      on all sides, and that we call for a full and immediate ceasefires, the opening of a humanitarian corridor into Gaza;
      and, full adherence to international humanitarian and human rights law; an international intervention with leadership
      brought to bear in securing dialogue, a lasting peace, and a long-term solution that ends this crisis.


21. Removal of Interim Measures - Roles and Responsibilities within Land & Property (to follow)
22. Draft Finance committee correspondence re. rating of second homes (copy attached)
23. Covid Recovery Small Settlements Regeneration Programme Update Report (report attached)

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