Corporate Policy and Resources Committee

Date: Tuesday, 30 Jan 2024 Time: 7:00 PM


1.   Apologies
2.   Declarations of Interest
3.   Minutes of Corporate Policy and Resources Committee Meeting held Tuesday 28 November 2024 (summary attached
4.   Minute of Coronation Sub-Committee meeting held 28th November 2023 (copy attached)
5.   Minute of Coronation Sub-Committee meeting held 5th December 2023 (copy attached)
6.   Freedom of The Borough Report (report attached)
7.   Timetable of Meetings April 2024-March 2025 inclusive (report attached)
8.   Consultation Response - LGSC Trans Equality Policy (report to follow)
9.   Conferences (report attached
10. Consultation - Correspondence on Consultation Water and sewerage charges – options for revenue raising
       referred from Council Meeting held Tuesday 9 January 2024 (report attached
11.  Matters for Reporting to the Partnership Panel
12.  Notice of Motion proposed by Proposed Councillor Peacock, Seconded Councillor Bateson
       “This council condemns all attacks and suffering inflicted against civilians in the Middle East. We recognise that
        there is no justification for the killing of civilians or the taking of civilian hostages who must be urgently released.
        All acts of violence must end immediately. I propose that this council condemns the killing that has taken place
       on all sides, and that we call for a full and immediate ceasefires, the opening of a humanitarian corridor into Gaza;
       and, full adherence to international humanitarian and human rights law; an international intervention with leadership
       brought to bear in securing dialogue, a lasting peace, and a long-term solution that ends this crisis”

13. Notice of Motion proposed by Councillor Kyle, Seconded by Councillor Jonathan McAuley
      “That Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council recognises the exemplary 70 years of service rendered by
      the late Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, as the United Kingdom’s longest reigning monarch. We are also very proud
      that the Late Monarch visited our Borough 5 times between 1953 and 2016, in which she included the unveiling of
      sergeant Robert Quigg VC statue in Bushmills, within my own constituency, which was to be her last visit.
      In recognition of her shining example of exemplary selfless service, we the undersigned propose that a substantial
      permanent memorial be commissioned and located within the Borough and be in situ before or during 2026. 
      We believe that the memorial should depict Queen Elizabeth II during her coronation and that ideally it would be
      located in a prominent and visible location.  
     We further propose that officers prepare a report, taking this matter forward, to include options for design, location,
     consultation with appropriate groups and identification of a suitable budget as part of the estimates process.
     This Statue will be a fitting tribute by the people of the Borough to the late Monarch, whose service to our country
     may never be matched again”


14. Harbour Commissioners (report attached)
15. Business Case for Permanent Planning Staff (report attached)
16. Population of the Organisation Structure (report attached) 
17. Corporate Services Management Accounts Month 8 (report attached)
18. Minutes of the Land and Property Sub Committee meeting held Wednesday 10 January 2024
      (unredacted copy attached)
19. Transformation Plan – Implementation Oversight Panel (report to follow)
20. Transformation Programme - Records Management and Information Management Procedures (report to follow) 
21. Any Other Relevant Business (notified in accordance with Standing Order 12(o))

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