Corporate Policy and Resources Committee

Date: Tuesday, 23 Apr 2024 Time: 7:00 PM


1.    Apologies
2.    Declarations of Interest
3.    Minutes of Corporate Policy and Resources Committee Meeting held Thursday 21 March 2024 (summary attached
4.    Minutes of the Implementation Oversight Panel meeting held Monday 8 April 2024 (to follow)
5.    Civic Building and Town Hall Room Hire Charges (report attached)
6.    Provision of Council Insurance 2024/25 (report attached)
7.    D-Day 80 Anniversary (report attached)
8.    Notes of the Elected Member Development Working Group held Monday 15 April 2024 (notes attached)
9.    Complaints Handling Procedure (report attached)
10.  Request to host NILGA Executive Meeting – (report attached
11.  ODHR Policies and Procedures – Social Media Policy (report attached)
12.  Conferences (attached)
13.  Consultation  
14.  Correspondence (report attached
15.  Matters for Reporting to the Partnership Panel
       FOR CONFIDENTIAL CONSIDERATION (Item 16-22 inclusive)
16.  Appointment of Consultant(s) to undertake independent research on the New Dwellings Requirement for the Borough to inform the preparation of the Local Development Plan (report attached)
17.  Corporate Services Management Accounts Month 11 (report attached)
18.  Minutes of the Land and Property Sub Committee meeting held Wednesday 6 March 2024 (unredacted minutes attached)
19.  Renewal of Microsoft 365 Contract (report attached)
20.  Transformation Programme Recommendations – Records Management and Information Governance (report attached)
21.  Renewal of Agency Contract (report attached)
22.  Portballintrae, Seaport Avenue, Claim of Right of Way, Legal Dispute.  Update of Senior Counsel Opinion (report to follow)
23.  Any Other Relevant Business (notified in accordance with Standing Order 12(o))

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