Leisure and Development Committee

Date: Tuesday, 21 Sep 2021 Time: 7:00 PM


1. Apologies
2. Declarations of Interest
3. Minutes of Leisure and Development Committee Meeting held Tuesday 17th August 2021 (summary attached)
4. Members will receive a presentation from Taste Causeway.
FOR DECISION (Items 5-13 inclusive)
5. Tourism and Recreation Managed Events ( Tourism and Recreation Event Programme – Halloween, Atlantic Sessions and Christmas Delivery Options 2021 Report attached)
6. The Air Show 2022 (Report attached)
7. Community Festival Fund (Report attached)
8. Museums Service Stores (Report attached)
9. Ballymoney Environmental Improvement Scheme (Report attached)
10. The Rural Sub-Committee (Report attached)
11. Reducing Bureaucracy in Grant Funding (Report attached)
12. Grants Governance Panel (Report attached)
13. SWB Essential Maintenance Works (Report attached)
FOR INFORMATION (Item 14 inclusive) 
14. Revitalise Coleraine (Report attached)
15. Correspondence 
16. Matters Reporting to the Partnership Panel
17. Consultations
18. Carrick Dhu Touring Pitches (Report attached)
19. Appointment of Fireworks Supplier (Report attached)
20. Any other relevant business notified in accordance with Standing Order 12. (o)

1. Alderman Duddy
Committee received a report on 15th June in respect of the Capital Project Programme, could committee receive a further update as to progress on the top 10 projects which agreed in 2017?

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