Leisure and Development Committee

Date: Tuesday, 21 Feb 2023 Time: 7:00 PM


1. Apologies
2. Declarations of Interest
3. Minutes of Leisure and Development Committee meeting held Tuesday 20 December 2022 (adjourned) (copy attached)
4. Minutes of Leisure and Development Committee meeting held Tuesday 17 January 2023 (to include Business reconvened from Tuesday 20 December 2022) (summary attached)
FOR DECISION (Items 5-12 inclusive)
5. Causeway Coast and Glens Heritage Trust – Members will receive a presentation by the CCGHT (Report attached)
6. Tourism Events Schedule 23/24 (Report attached)
7. Tourism Events Funding (Report attached)
8. Sperrins Partnership Extension of Funding (Report attached)
9. Community Development Grants (Report attached)
10. Social Supermarkets (Report attached)
11. Ulster History Circle Partnership (Report attached)
12. Entrepreneurship Support Services (Report attached)
FOR INFORMATION (Items 13-20 inclusive)
13. UK Shared Prosperity Fund (Report attached)
14. Social Connections Grants (Report attached)
15. Asylum Seekers (Report attached)
16. Coleraine Revitalise (Report attached)
17. Event Space Equipment Supply (Report attached)
18. Growth Deal Executive Programme Board Minutes Nov 22 (attached)
19. Growth Deal Executive Programme Board Draft Minutes Feb 23 (attached)
20. Leisure Facilities Project Board Draft Minutes Jan 23 (attached)
21. Correspondence 
22. Matters Reporting to the Partnership Panel
23. Consultations
24. Town Perception Surveys Tender Report (Report attached)
25. Peace Plus Consultancy Tender (Report attached)
26. Portrush to Bushmills Greenway (Report attached)
27. LUF Coleraine Leisure Centre Update (Report attached)
28. Ballycastle Leisure Centre (Report attached)
29. Ballycastle Shared Campus (Report attached)
30. Ballycastle Tennis Courts Tender Report (Report attached)
31. RVLC Tender Report (Report attached)
32. Gym Investment – JDLC/RVLC/Sheskburn (Report attached)
33. Any other relevant business notified in accordance with Standing Order 12. (o)

Alderman Duddy

Under Standing Order 12(o), I wish to raise the following items under Any Other Relevant Business:

1). In September 2022, Millburn Community Association had requested to undertake the management of Millburn Community Centre, however due to the rising utility bill costs, and inflation, it was decided at and ratified by full council to defer any decision until council explored solutions in regard to the installation of green energy alternatives for the group and other groups who currently manage council facilities. In January 2023, I had requested a response for the February Leisure and Development Committee meeting, but the item is not listed on the agenda. Could a written update be given as to why after 4 months, no progress has been made by the Head of Infrastructure on this issue? What communication has there been with the Millburn Community Association in respect of their application?

2). Have Council Officers had any communications with the Directors/Trustees of the Harry Gregg Legacy Project, since council awarded the project further monies to continue with their business case?

2a). An update on the business case for the Harry Gregg Legacy Project

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