Leisure and Development Committee

Date: Tuesday, 20 Jun 2023 Time: 7:00 PM


1. Apologies
2. Declarations of Interest
3. Minutes of Leisure and Development Committee meeting held Tuesday 18 April 2023 (summary attached)
    FOR DECISION (Items 4-8 inclusive)
4. Leisure & Development 23/24 Business Plans (Report attached)
5. Council Led Christmas Events 2024 (Report attached)
6. Permissive Path Agreement (Report attached)
7. Guidelines for Partnerships (Report attached)
8. Safeguarding Policy (to follow)
    FOR INFORMATION (Items 9-13 inclusive)
9. Funding Applications (Report attached)
10. Landfill Community Fund (Report attached)
11. Growth Deal Executive Programme Board Minutes (attached)
12. Mountsandel Working Group Minutes (attached)
13. Correspondence (Report attached)
14. Matters Reporting to the Partnership Panel
15. Consultations
      FOR CONFIDENTIAL CONSIDERATION (Items 16-24 inclusive)
16. LD Financial Position P12 (Report attached)
17. Asylum Seekers Update (Report attached)
18. DfC Hardship Grant (Report attached)
19. Ballycastle Museum (Report attached)
20. Enterprise Fund (Report attached)

     Town Centre Data Counters Tender (report attached)
21. Fitness Equipment Investment Tender Report (Report attached)
22. Benone Security Provision (Report attached)
23. Public Path Order Request Limavady (Report attached)
24. Tourism Events External Services Procurement (Report attached)
25. Any other relevant business notified in accordance with Standing Order 12. (o)

Councillor Holmes (1)

Recommended for confidential consideration

(1) Could I please request an update on the sale of the Dunluce Centre in the L&D AORB on Tuesday night.

Councillor Cara McShane (2)

(2) To request an update on steps to progress a MUGA pitch and changing facilities on Rathlin Island as discussed at the Rathlin Island Ministerial Forum

(3) Overnight parking of motorhomes at Carrickmore Road, Ballycastle - request a meeting with Council, DfI and other relevant stakeholders

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