Full Council

Date: Tuesday, 04 Aug 2020 Time: 8:00 PM


1.    Apologies

2.    Declarations of Members’ Interests


3.    Legal Opinion in the matter of a call in request in respect of a decision of the Council dated 4 February 2020 (opinion attached)

“That this Council agrees to appoint independent consultants specialising in management assessment and takes immediate steps to advertise, interview and appoint a fully external independent forensic auditor. Such consultants to prepare an independent report and present to council within 3 months. This review will look at performance review and measures, at every level of the organisation a root and branch review, in the interests of transparency and public confidence.”

4.    Legal Opinion in the matter of a call in requests in respect of two decisions of the Council Meeting dated 3 December 2019 (opinion attached)

(a)   The council decision of 3 December 2019 to hold a Special Council Meeting to discuss the findings of the Special Audit Committee on the Moore NI report.

(b)   The subsequent council decision of 3 December 2019 to accept the findings of the Moore NI report.

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