Environmental Services Committee

Date: Tuesday, 08 Feb 2022 Time: 7:00 PM


1.      Apologies
2.      Declarations of Interest
3.      Minutes of Environmental Services Committee meeting held Tuesday 11 January 2022 (summary attached)
         FOR DECISION (Items 4-9 inclusive)
4.      Entertainments Licensing Report (report attached)
5.      Review of the Reduced Fees for Entertainments Licences (report attached)
6.      Pavement Cafe Licence Scheme (report attached)
7.      Update to Persons Appointed as Public Analyst (report attached)
8.      Updated Service Level Agreement with Drinking Water Inspectorate (report attached)
9.      Delegate authority to Officers so they can approve the new natural gas and electric contracts commencing 1st April 2022 (report attached)
         FOR INFORMATION (Items 10-18 inclusive)
10.    Entertainment Licence Renewals (report attached)
11.    Petroleum Spirit Licence Renewals (report attached)
12.    Society Lottery Registrations (report attached)
13.    Street Trading Licence Renewals (report attached)
14.    Licences Issued Under Delegated Authority (report attached)
15.    The Health (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act (Northern Ireland) 2016 (report attached)
16.    The Smoke-Free (Private Vehicles) Regulations (NI) 2021 (report attached)
17.    Private Contractor Litter Enforcement Statistics (WISE) (report attached)
18.    Waste Data Return July to September 2021 (Provisional) (report attached
19.    Correspondence Report 
20.    Consultation Documents 
21.    Conferences
22.    Matters for Reporting to Partnership Panel
         IN COMMITTEE (Items 23 - 28 inclusive)
23.    Tender for the Provision of Legionella Risk Assessment Reviews (report attached)
24.    Asset Realisation - Declaration of ‘surplus to requirements’, assets at various locations within the Borough, (4no). (report attached)
25.    Asset Realisation - Define use of new Concessionary Trading Points 2022, (5no.), at various locations within the Borough (report attached)
26.   Asset Realisation - New Concessionary Trading location at Riverside Park Car Park, Ballymoney (report attached)
27.   Fuel Stamp Saving Scheme Update (report attached)
28.   Period 9 ES Management Accounts (report attached)
29.   Any Other Relevant Business (notified in accordance with Standing Order 12 (o))  

Alderman Robinson 
1. To ask Council if they would erect picnic benches/tables on the periphery of the new Accessible play park in Limavady. This would allow families and friends to meet and spend time together whilst enjoying the trading concession when it goes live.
2. To ask Council to consider if a site at Roemill Playing fields would be suitable for a dedicated green space (dog park), as per the motion submitted by Alderman Mark Fielding and Alderman Alan Robinson in 2021 and subject to community consultation.

Councillor Wallace
At the Knock Road recycling centre a cardboard baler was installed about a year ago. It is in metal housing beside the skips. Can I ask why this has been installed, I’m sure at great cost and never used? Why no staff have been trained to use it? Is it ever going to be used and when?

A concession trader has a three year license to trade on a Council pitch. They have two years left on the contract and due to health problems would like to pass the last two years on to another vendor. 
Could the officers confirm the procedure for this option

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