Full Council

Date: Tuesday, 06 Sep 2022 Time: 7:00 PM


1. The Mayor’s Business
2. Apologies 
3. Declaration of Members’ Interests
4. Deputation, Northern Ireland Housing Executive Housing Investment Plans 2022 Annual Update (copy embargoed until 06/09/2022 at 7pm) 
5. Minutes of Special Council Meeting held Thursday 30 July 2022 (copy attached)
6. Minutes of Council Meeting held Tuesday 2 August 2022, reconvened Tuesday 9 August 2022 (to follow)
7. Matters for reporting to the Partnership Panel
8. Conferences (report attached)
9. Correspondence (report attached
10. Consultation Schedule (report attached)
11. Seal Documents
   (i) Grave Registry Certificates, No’s 5391 – 5407 inclusive;
   (ii) Provision for the treatment of biowaste (awarded to Natural World Products) (Ref ES 220308, CM 220405) 
   (iii) Provision for residual waste treatment services (awarded to River Ridge Recycling) (Ref ES 220510, CM 220607) 
   (iv) Provision of waste services for the collection, disposal and treatment of hazardous paints varnishes, non-hazardous paints, vegetable oil, engine oil and other oils that include: oily rags, oil filters, and used engine oil containers (awarded to Enva) (Ref ES 200811, CM 200901)
12. Notice of Motion proposed by Councillor Mulholland, seconded by Councillor Quigley
That this Council resolves and amends within Council/amenity site policy to solve issues affecting disposing of bulk waste.
13. Notice of Motion proposed by Alderman Fielding, seconded by Alderman S McKillop
That this Council supports the Royal British Legion by providing and installing a Flagpole at their Portstewart War Memorial.
14. Notice of Motion proposed by Councillor C McShane, seconded by Councillor Nicholl
Propose that Council renames the Ballycastle Tennis Courts to the ‘Alex McFarland Tennis Courts’. 
15. Trade Union Local Pay and Condition Demands (report to follow)
16. NIAO Extraordinary Audit Report – Legal Representation (report to follow)
17. NIAO Extraordinary Audit Report – Investigation Sub-Committee Panel (report to follow)

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