Shadow Council

Date: Thursday, 05 Mar 2015 Time: 7:00 PM


1.   Apologies
2.   Declarations of Interest
3.   Minutes of previous meeting held 15th January 2015 (copy attached)
4.   Street Trading Policy (report attached)
5.   Transfer of Bye Laws (report attached)
6.   Street Naming & Property Numbering Policy & Procedures (report attached)
7.   Annual Tenders (report attached)
8.   Legal Entity Status
8.1 Banking Arrangements BACS Officer Authorisations (report attached)
8.2 Banking Arrangements Number of Credit Cards (report attached)
9.   Financial Controls Credit Card Arrangements and Policy (report attached)
10. Provision of Legal Services (report attached)
11. Matters for reporting to Partnership Panel
12. Correspondence (report attached)
13. Consultations

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