Full Council

Date: Tuesday, 05 Jan 2021 Time: 7:00 PM


1. The Mayor’s Business

2. Apologies

3. Declarations of Members’ Interests

4. Deputation – NI Water, Infrastructure Plans, Dr Stephen Blockwell, Head of Investment Management and David McCullough Head of Wastewater in attendance

5. Minutes of Council Meeting held Tuesday 1st December 2020 (attached)

6. Minutes of Planning Meeting held Wednesday 25th November 2020 (attached)

7. Minutes of Environmental Services Meeting held Tuesday 8th December 2020 (attached)

8. Minutes of Audit Committee Meeting held Wednesday 9th December 2020 (attached)

9. Minutes of Finance Committee meeting held Thursday 10th December 2020 (attached)

10. Minutes of Leisure and Development Meeting held Tuesday 15th December 2020 (attached)

11.  Leisure and Development Report
11.1  Prioritising of Growth Deal Projects (report attached)

12.  Matters for reporting to the Partnership Panel

13.  Conferences

14.  Correspondence (report attached)

15.  Consultation Schedule (report attached)

16.  Seal Documents

(i) Grave Registry Certificates, Numbers 5062 – 5076 (inclusive)
(ii) Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council and Fibrus Networks (FFI) Ltd relating to Gigabit Capable Connectivity Services (Ref L&D 201215 / CM 210105)
(iii) Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council and M McGinn, for “The Popular” café at Juniper Hill Holiday Park (Ref L&P 201001 / CM 201103)

17.  Notice of Motion proposed by Councillor Aaron Callan, seconded by Councillor John McAuley and supported by Alderman Norman Hillis, Councillor Angela Mulholland, Councillor William McCandless, Councillor Russell Watton and Councillor Chris McCaw

 That this Council would develop a new International Causeway Airshow for 2022 to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and explore holding the event every 2 years from 2022. We should make this a key regional event not just for the Borough but for Northern Ireland and therefore explore working in partnership with key partners like the Northern Ireland Office, Ministry of Defence, Department for the Economy, Invest NI and Tourism NI. A project Board involving elected members of no more of 6 by d’hondt should be set up to shape and develop this event along with experts and other key stakeholders.

18.  Notice of Motion proposed by Councillor MA McKillop, seconded by Councillor Beattie 
That this council acknowledges the amount of dog fouling across the borough and pledges to sign up for the Green Dog Walkers Scheme to encourage all dog walkers to clean up after their pets.

19.  Leisure and Development Report
19.1 Inclusive Beach, East Strand Portrush. Improving beach accessibility – in partnership with Mae Murray Foundation (report attached)

20.  Corporate Policy and Resources Report
 20.1 Land and Property Report 
20.1.2 Leases and Licences - Peace IV Shaping Our Place – Bushmills Project (report attached)

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