Environmental Services Committee

Date: Tuesday, 04 Sep 2018 Time: 7:00 PM


1.   Apologies

2.   Declarations of Interest

3.   Minutes of Environmental Services Committee Meeting held on 7 August 2018 (summary attached)

FOR DECISION (Item 4 – 9 inclusive)

4.   Grant of Entertainments Licence (report attached)

5.   Grant of Approval of a Premises as a Location for Civil Marriage (report attached)

6.   Dog Control Orders (report attached)

7.   Information Sharing Agreement with DoJ (report attached)

8.   Regulating Our Future – Consultation on Amendments to the Food Law Code of Practice (Northern Ireland) 2018 (report attached)

9.   Standby Fixed Generator Installation – Cloonavin and Mobile Generator for Business Continuity & Emergency Response to Serve Other Council Facilities (report attached)

FOR INFORMATION (Items 10 – 16 inclusive)

10.  Entertainments Licence Renewals (report attached)

11.  Liquor Licences (report attached)

12.  Petroleum Spirit Licence Renewals (report attached)

13.  Licences issued under Delegated Authority (report attached)

14.  Outcome of Legal Proceedings (report attached)

15.  Capital Projects Delivery Update (report attached)

16.  Service of Remembrance Following Erection of Memorial, Knock Road Cemetery, Ballymoney (report attached)

17.  Matters for Reporting to Partnership Panel (Local Government side)

18.  Correspondence (report attached)


19.  Application for a Mobile Street Trading Licence (report attached)

20.  Any Other Relevant Business (notified in accordance with Standing Order 12(o))

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