Full Council

Date: Tuesday, 02 Mar 2021 Time: 7:00 PM


1. The Mayor’s Business

2.  Apologies

3. Declarations of Members’ Interests

4. Deputation – Sustainable Communities - S Pollard.  In attendance:- Y Hamilton and T Waide (presentation attached)

5.  Minutes of Council Meeting held Tuesday 2 February 2021 (attached)

6.  Minutes of Rates Meeting held Thursday 25 February 2021 (to follow)

7.  Minutes of Planning Meeting held Wednesday 27 January 2021 (attached V2)

8.  Minutes of Environmental Services Meeting held Tuesday 9 February 2021 (attached)

9.  Minutes of Finance Committee Meeting held Thursday 11 February 2021 (attached)  

10. Minutes of Leisure and Development Meeting held Tuesday 16 February 2021 (attached)  

11. Minutes of Corporate Policy and Resources Committee meeting held Tuesday 23 February 2021 (to follow)

12. Matters for reporting to the Partnership Panel

13. Conferences

14. Correspondence (report attached)

15. Consultation Schedule (report attached)

16. Seal Documents

   (i) Grave Registry Certificates, Numbers 5095-5108 (inclusive)

   (ii) Licence Agreement Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council to Causeway Giant’s American Football Club – Use of Land at Lime Park Playing Fields, Drones Road, Armoy - Ref 74/20 (L&P SC 210106, CP&R 210126 and CM 210202)

   (iii) Licence Agreement Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council to The Trustees of Armoy Community Association - Use of Land at Lime Park Playing Fields, Drones Road, Armoy - Ref 73/20 (L&P SC 210106, CP&R 210126 and CM 210202)

   (iv) Agreement for Long Term Loan of Memorial Window Between Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council and the Trustees of Ballymoney Branch of the Royal British Legion – Ref 08/20/P (CM 201201)

   (v) Employee Car Loan Agreement 210/5112

17. Notice of Motion proposed by Councillor McGurk, seconded by Councillor Bateson

That this Council adopts a new policy on bi–lingual street signage with the trigger for consultation with residents set at an expression of interest by a resident/residents/elected member and further that the number percentage of residents responding positively being sufficient to erect a second nameplate being set at 15% with non–respondents      counted a void.  The European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages, to which the UK is a signatory, establishes an obligation on state signatories not to create barriers in respect of the use of a minority language.  The European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages and the UN Special Rapporteur’s guide to the implementation of language rights of linguistic minorities.  The relevant paragraph of the guidance is as follows:  Street and locality names and topographical indicators intended for the public are important as markers of social identity, culture and history.  A good, practical approach adopted in most countries is for the authorities to provide transparent legalisation or procedures to allow bilingual or even trilingual signs, usually following the proportionality principle where there is a sufficient concentration or demand for such signs in minority languages.  While national legalisation varies, the low threshold where it is considered practicable and reasonable to provide such signs tends to vary between 5 per cent and 20 per cent of the local population, with the lowest threshold usually associated with the use of a minority language that also has some kind of official status or for traditional, historical reasons.  The criteria for the display of signs in minority languages must be given a clear and unambiguous legislative basis for it to be effectively implemented.  Bilingual or multilingual signs used by public authorities demonstrate inclusiveness, and that various population groups share a locality in harmony and mutual respect.’

18.    Notice of Motion proposed by Councillor Beattie, seconded by Councillor Schenning

‘The Covid – 19 pandemic has affected all citizens and that the impact on our young people has been severe.  This Council recognises the difficulties faced by those young people in full – time third level education, both at universities and further education colleges, who, because of restrictions, are unable to attend classes in person or live in student accommodation which they have paid for.  This Council recognises that many university students have found themselves suffering financial hardship which has caused significant distress and led to poor mental health.  This Council calls on university accommodation providers and private landlords who have not provided rent waivers to do immediately and calls on the Department for the Economy and Department of Finance to develop and fund a Student Support Grant for all full time third level students, many of whom cannot gain any employment at this time and are unable to claim benefits.’

19.   Notice of Motion proposed by Councillor Dallat O-Driscoll, seconded by  Councillor MA McKillop

‘This Council notes with alarm the Department of Communities Family Resources Survey 2018/2019 which show that 122,000 children in Northern Ireland live in relative poverty (24% of children) with 109,000 of those living in absolute poverty and expresses deep concern that these figures have increased significantly since the previous year and have not improved at all in the last five years.  The rise of the Universal Credit claimant count and expected end of the furlough scheme could see a further increase in these numbers, with the two - child tax credit rule and benefit cap only adding to the pressure on families with children.  This Council calls on the Minister for Communities to immediately convene a child poverty task force, to set out how her department will reduce child poverty by next year and over the next decade.’

20.    Notice of Motion proposed by Councillor Dallat O-Driscoll, seconded by Councillor Beattie

‘This Council expresses deep concern about the financial consequences of Brexit for Executive departments including the loss of £70 million in EU Structural Funds for the Department for the Economy; regrets that the level of funding promised to the devolved institutions by the British government will not be equivalent to EU Structural Funds, notes that any loss of funding will result in significant negative consequences for Northern Ireland’s economy and society; expresses concern that plans to operate the UK Shared Prosperity Fund from Westminster represent moves to centralise regional development policy; and calls upon the Minister for the Economy and the Minister of Finance to urge the British Government to commit to using the Shared Prosperity Fund to replace in full the EU funding lost as a result of Brexit and operate in a way that respects devolution settlements.’

21.    Notice of Motion proposed by Councillor Schenning, seconded by Councillor Dallat O-Driscoll

‘This Council recognises the importance and impact of volunteers in the Causeway Coast and Glens area over the last 12 months and pays tribute to those in the community and voluntary sector who have stepped up to support the delivery of critical Covid – 19 related services over the past year.  The Council commits to valuing and providing support to volunteers and their organisations through funding streams and training opportunities, recognising the expertise that local groups have in delivering on the ground services to local communities.  This council will continue to strive to make the funding application a more simplified process while staying within the guidelines and requirements of outside funding bodies.  This council will further provide employees with the opportunity to benefit from the experience of volunteering through the Employer Supported Volunteering Scheme.’

22.    Notice of Motion proposed by Alderman Fielding, seconded by Alderman Robinson

‘That Council explore where available dedicated green space areas could be provided for dog parks at locations across the Borough.’


23.  Legal Opinion in the matter of a Call In request, in respect of a decision of the Council dated 5 January 2021, relating to The Proposed Airshow. (Legal Opinion attached)

'That this Council would develop a new International Causeway Airshow for 2022 to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and explore holding the event every 2 years from 2022.  We should make this a key regional event not just for the Borough but for Northern Ireland and therefore explore working in partnership with key partners like the Northern Ireland Office, Ministry of Defence, Department for the Economy, Invest NI and Tourism NI.  A project Board involving elected members of no more of 6 by d’hondt should be set up to shape and develop this event along with experts and other key stakeholders.’

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