Full Council

Date: Tuesday, 02 Feb 2021 Time: 7:00 PM


1. The Mayor’s Business

2.  Apologies

3.  Declarations of Members’ Interests

4.  Deputation – Vice-Chancellor, Professor Bartholomew, Ulster University

5.  Minutes of Council Meeting held Tuesday 5 January 2021 (attached)

6.  Minutes of Planning Meeting held Wednesday 16 December 2020 (attached)

7.  Minutes of Environmental Services Meeting held Tuesday 12 January 2021 (attached)

8.  Minutes of Finance Committee meeting held Thursday 14 January 2021 (attached)  

9.  Minutes of Leisure and Development Meeting held Tuesday 19 January 2021 (attached)  

10.  Minutes of Corporate Policy and Resources Committee meeting held Tuesday 26 January 2021 (to follow

11.  Matters for reporting to the Partnership Panel

12.  Conferences (report attached)

13.  Correspondence (report attached)

14.  Consultation Schedule (report attached)

15.  Seal Documents

       (i) Grave Registry Certificates, Numbers 5077 – 5094 (inclusive)

 16. Notice of Motion proposed by Alderman Boyle, seconded by Councillor McCaw

        Alderman Boyle, wish to propose that a blue plaque, in recognition of Hercules Mulligan, be erected in his birthplace of Coleraine and that Council make a subsequent application to the Ulster History Circle for this and that Council pay for the erection of the plaque.

17.   Notice of Motion proposed by Councillor Peacock, seconded by Councillor McLaughlin

        That this council continue to record proceedings of the council when the council goes into committee. These recordings should not be publicly available but held by council for future reference.

        Many times we have required clarification from a meeting which had gone into committee and not had the information available and many times we have seen call ins come back to say that the audio was not available and so limited consideration could be given or information on a members or officers contributions cannot be sought as the audio            recording had stopped. In order to ensure good governance and ease of reference audio recordings should continue, in a manner most suitable, to be held privately by the council as a record of the meeting.

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