Full Council

Date: Tuesday, 09 Aug 2022 Time: 7:00 PM


2nd August 2022 Council Meeting adjourned and Receovened to Tuesday 9th August 2022 at 7PM 

1.   The Mayor’s Business
2.   Apologies 
3.   Declaration of Members’ Interests
4.   Deputation from the Coleraine and District Motor Club - North West 200 update briefing
5.   Minutes of Council Meeting held Thursday 30 June 2022 (copy attached
6.   Minutes of Planning Committee Meeting held Wednesday 22 June 2022 (copy attached)
7.   Matters for reporting to the Partnership Panel
8.   Conferences (report attached)
9.   Correspondence (report attached
10. Consultation Schedule (report attached)
11. Seal Documents

(i)  Grave Registry Certificates, No’s 5372 – 5390

(ii) Agreement for the Provision of Materials -Public Realm Works at 14 Eglinton Street Portrush (Ref L&D 170509 - CM 170523 (Retrospective)

(iii) Deed of Consent to Enter Lands and Carry out Works - Public Realm Works at 14 Eglinton Street Portrush (Ref L&D 170509 – CM 170523) (Retrospective)

Addendum (1) Environmental Services Report - Tender for Provision of Fuel Stamps Saving Scheme (report attached)

Addendum (2) Extraordinary Audit Report Proposed Approach and Action Plan (report attached) 

Addendum (2i) Local Government Staff Commission draft Terms of Reference in respect of the recommendations of the Local Government Auditor’s Extraordinary Audit Report (report attached)

FOR CONFIDENTIAL CONSIDERATION (Items 12, 12.1, 12.2 inclusive)
12.  Leisure and Development Committee Reports
12.1 Enterprise Fund 2022 (report attached)
12.2 Business Start – GO FOR IT Programme Extension (report attached)

Addendum (12.3) Ould Lammas Fair Horse Trading Infrastructure (report attached) 


Addendum (3) Extraordinary Audit Report Interim Measures (report attached) 

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