Full Council

Date: Tuesday, 28 Jul 2015 Time: 9:48 AM


1. Apologies
2. Declarations of Interest
3. Presentation – Roads Service - Northern Division Annual Report 2015/16 (Transport NI Report and Enquiry Form electronic copy/hard copy available on request from Democratic Services
Deidre Mackle, Divisional Manager, Austin Montgomery, Section Engineer and John McKinley, Section Engineer will attend.
4. Presentation – Unison - The Roddens Residential Home, Kim Hall, Branch Secretary Unison will attend.
5. Minutes of Council Meeting held 30th June 2015 for confirmation (copy attached)
    Matters referred:
5.1‘Save the Dal’ Draft Final Report (copy attached)
5.2 Legal Advice Standing Order 15 (2) Notice of Motion- Councillor Fielding (report attached)
6. Minutes of Planning Committee Meeting held 24th June 2015 for confirmation (copy attached)
7. Minutes of Corporate Policy and Resources Committee Meeting held 16th June 2015 (copy attached)
8. Environmental Services Reports
8.1 Applications for Occasional Entertainments Licences (report attached)
9. Leisure and Development Reports
      For decision
9.1 Tourism Events Grants Programme (report attached)
      For information
9.2 Culture, Arts and Heritage Strategy 2016-2021 (report attached)
9.3 Community Support Plan (CSP) Commissioning of Generalist Voluntary Advice Services at Local Government Level 2015-16 (report attached)
9.4 Good Relations Education Resources (report attached 
10. Knockagh Monument Joint Committee Nominations (report attached)
11. Governance Report (report attached) 
12. Correspondence (report attached)
13. Seal Documents
13.1 Tides Restaurant, Deed of Variation
13.2 Grave Registry Certificates Ballymoney Cemetery Nos 1458-1461 inc and Rasharkin Cemetery Nos 0023-0027 inc
13.3 Grant of Right of Burial Deeds Register No 4257 – 4266 (Coleraine 4; Ballywillan 3; Portstewart 3)
14. Consultations (schedule attached)
15. Matters for reporting to Partnership Panel 
16. Notice of Motion submitted by Councillor Wilson and Councillor Baird
“That this Council expresses opposition to the recommendation to close the Roddens Care Home in Ballymoney; notes that the facility has provided quality care and a welcome source of local employment in the Ballymoney area for several decades; believes this recommendation would have a detrimental impact on the local population and would only increase pressures on other areas in the National Health Service; notes a reprehensible ban on admitting new permanent residents hastened it’s proposed closure by artificially creating a position of unsustainability and effectively was closure by stealth; expresses regret that the Minister of Health, Social Services and Public Safety failed to lift the ban; agrees that the Council must respond to the consultation from the Northern Health and Social Care Trust and oppose this recommendation; and calls on the Minister of Health, Social Services and Public Safety to lift the ban on admissions and give this home the support it deserves.” 
17. Notice of Motion submitted by Councillor Duddy
"This Council fully supports the Cornfield Project, Ballysally, as it has now been shortlisted as one of three Northern Ireland Flagship Finalists in the Grow Wild Programme; and Council uses every means at its disposal to ensure this project is successful and fully implemented".
18. Notice of Motion submitted by Councillor Callan
"That this Council recognise the contribution of Captain Marcus McCausland by erecting a plaque and naming a room after him in the Roe Valley Arts and Cultural Centre, he served as a Limavady Urban Councillor 1968-72, who was murdered by the IRA while still in office on 4th March 1972. Captain McCausland was the first officer of the Ulster Defence Regiment murdered during the period known as the Troubles."
19. Notice of Motion submitted by Councillor McCaul
“That this council believes that all couples, including those of the same sex, should have the right to marry in the eyes of the law.”
20. Notice of Motion submitted by Councillor McCorkell and Councillor Duddy
"That this Council recognises the requirement of an Air Ambulance for Northern Ireland and calls on all Departments within the Northern Ireland Executive to work together to provide an emergency helicopter for the Province as a matter of urgency."
21. Any other relevant business
22. Date of next meeting
      Tuesday 25th August 7.00pm, Council Chamber, Civic Headquarters, Coleraine

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