Planning Committee

Date: Wednesday, 27 Feb 2019 Time: 2:00 PM


A  G  E  N  D  A

1.     Apologies

2.     Minutes of meeting held Wednesday 23 January 2019 (summary attached)

3.     Declarations of Interest

4.     Order of Items and Confirmation of Registered Speakers

5.     Schedule of Applications

5.1   Major LA01/2017/0732/RM Lands at former Maxwell’s Spittal Hill Quarry, 209 Bushmills Road, Coleraine (report attached)

5.2   Referred LA01/2018/0474/O Lands 50m north west of Dungiven FC, Ballyguddin Road, Dungiven (report attached)

5.3   Referred LA01/2018/0476/O Lands 30m East of 7 Ballyguddin Road, Dungiven (report attached)

5.4   Referred LA01/2017/1449/O Lands between 10 & 12 Upperlane Road, Greysteel (report attached)

5.5   Referred LA01/2018/1060/F 10 Terrydermot Road, Limavady (report attached)

5.6   Referred LA01/2018/0833/O Adjacent to No. 3 Warke Place, Castlerock (report attached)

5.7   Objection LA01/2017/1113/O Land adjacent to 17 Strandview Road, Ballycastle (report attached) (site visit report dated 19 Dec 2018)

5.8   Objection LA01/2017/1293/F 55 Causeway Street, Portrush (report attached) (Addendum)

5.9   Objection B/2014/0155/F Lands 90m SSE of 21 Derrychrier Road and 320m SSW of 756 Feeny Road, Dungiven (report attached)

5.10 Referred LA01/2017/1231/O Lands 25m North East of No. 307 Clooney Road, Carrickhugh, Ballykelly (report attached)

5.11 Referred LA01/2018/1172/F 6 Broighter Gardens, Limavady (report attached)

5.12 Referred LA01/2018/0197/F 75 Ballyreagh Road, Portstewart (report attached) (Addendum)

5.13 Referred LA01/2015/0459/F Former Castle Erin Hotel and Conference Centre, Castle Erin Road, Portrush (report attached) (Addendum) (Erratum) (Site visit report dated 27 June 2018)

5.14 Referred LA01/2017/1183/F 95 & 97 Prospect Road, Portstewart (report attached) (Site Visit report dated 27 June 2018)

5.15 Referred LA01/2016/1482/F Tramway Halt, Bushmills Station, Ballaghmore Road, Bushmills (report attached)

5.16 Referred LA01/2017/0791/F Approx. 80m South and South West of No. 150 Torr Road, Cushendun (report attached)

5.17 Referred LA01/2018/1209/O Land approx. 50m East of 57a Drumavoley Road, Ballycastle (report attached) (Erratum)

5.18 Referred LA01/2018/0652/F 24a Clare Road, Ballycastle (report attached)

5.19 Referred LA01/2018/0339/O 158m South East of 243 Garryduff Road, Dunloy (report attached)

5.20 Council LA01/2018/0888/F Parks Store, The Bowl, Portrush (report attached)

5.21 Council LA01/2018/1116/ F 48 Main Street, Portrush (report attached)

6.     Development Management Performance

6.1   Update on Development Management and Enforcement Statistics 01/04/18 –31/01/19 (report attached)

7.     Development Plan

7.1   6 month LDP Work Programme (report attached)

7.2   POP Public Consultation – summary Report on Representations Received (report attached)

        8.     Correspondence

9.     Legal Issues

10.   Any Other Relevant Business (notified in accordance with Standing Order 12 (o))

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