Full Council

Date: Tuesday, 27 Aug 2019 Time: 7:00 PM


1.   The Mayor’s Business

2.   Apologies

3.   Declarations of Members’ Interests

4.   Presentation by the Northern Ireland Housing Executive: (report attached)

To receive:
Paul Isherwood, Director of Asset Management
Frank O’Connor, Regional Manager
Mark Alexander, Area Manager
Louise Clarke, Placeshaper

5.   Minutes of Council Meeting held Tuesday 25 June 2019 reconvened Tuesday 6 August 2019 (attached)

6.   Minutes of Planning Committee Meeting held Wednesday 26 June 2019 (attached)

7.   Minutes of Environmental Services Committee Meeting held Tuesday 6 August 2019 (attached)

8.   Minutes of Special Council Meeting held Thursday 8 August 2019 (attached)  

9.   Minutes of Leisure & Development Committee Meeting held Tuesday 13 August 2019 (attached)

10.  Minutes of Corporate Policy and Resources Committee Meeting held Tuesday 20 August 2019 (to follow)

11.  Matters for reporting to Partnership Panel – Local Government Side

12.  Conferences (report attached)

13.  Correspondence (report attached)

14.  Consultation Schedule (report attached)

15.  Seal Documents

Grave Registry Certificates (Nos 4789 – 4820 (inclusive)
15.1   Grave Registry Certificates, Coleraine, Ballywillan, Agherton and Portstewart/Kilrea Cemeteries (24 No)

15.2   Grave Registry Certificates, Ballymoney/Rasharkin Cemetery (6 No)

15.3   Grave Registry Certificates, Limavady Cemetery (2 No)

Other Leases/Licences
15.4   Licence Agreement CC&GBC & R&A Championships Limited (Retrospective Approval - Ref: CM 190416)

15.5   NIE Wayleave for Drumaheglis Marina and Car Park, Ballymoney (Ref: L&P 190605/CP&R 190618/CM 190625)

15.6   Licence Agreement CC&GBC and Ulster Bank re Car Park Space at 104-106 Main Street, Dungiven (Ref L&P SC 190605/CP&R 190618/CM 190625)

15.7   Licence Agreement CC&G BC and PT Investments NI Ltd for re 16C Eglington Street, Portrush (Retrospective Approval Ref 170919/CM 170926)

15.8   Lease CC&GBC and Cloughmills Community Action Team re Old Mill, Cloughmills (Retrospective Approval Ref L&P SC 180307/CP&R 180320/CM 180327 and L&P SC 190605, CP&R 190618/CM 190625)

15.9   Lease CC&GBC and Joey Dunlop Leisure Centre Café (Ref L&P SC 190605/CP&R 190618/CM 190625)

15.10 Deed of Dedication – Loughgiel Shamrocks GAC (Ref L&D 171010/CM 171024)

15.11 Agreement Relating to Advance Purchase of Car by Employee (No 1)

15.12 Agreement Relating to Advance Purchase of Car by Employee (No 2)

15.13 Agreement Relating to Advance Purchase of Car by Employee (No 3)

15.14 Agreement Relating to Advance Purchase of Car by Employee (No 4)

16.  Notice of Motion proposed by Councillor McShane, seconded by Councillor Nicholl, received 6 June 2019

“Fully Duty Applicant status for Homelessness

That this Council commends the #FDANODELAY campaign and recognises that people living in hostels and other temporary/emergency accommodation across our society are homeless and deserve to be legally recognised as such by having Full Duty Applicant status awarded.  This Council calls on the NIHE Chief Executive to respond outlining what measures the NIHE will now take to accurately audit the extent of the problem regarding homeless people who are not recognised as such and what steps will be taken to remedy these oversights.”

17. Notice of Motion proposed by Alderman Finlay, seconded Councillor McAuley, received 19 June 2019

“That a memorial tablet, in memory of William Dunlop, be placed within his father, Robert Dunlop's memorial garden in Ballymoney.”

18. Notice of Motion proposed by Councillor McLean, seconded by Councillor McAuley, received 10 July 2019

“With the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War approaching, Council wishes to recognise the contribution of those who fought in that War from Northern Ireland.  It notes that every year the number of our surviving veterans is reducing and the time to provide public and appropriate recognition is running out.  This Council will therefore provide all surviving veterans of WW2 (including those in the Merchant Navy) who reside in our Borough with a Silver Poppy of Remembrance to mark their service in the fight against Fascism and Nazism.  These Poppies will be presented to all surviving Veterans at a special Service of Remembrance the week commencing the 4th November 2019.  It further encourages other Councils throughout Northern Ireland to mark our surviving Second World War veterans service in a similar way.”


19. Legal Opinion in the Matter of a Call In Request in Respect of a Decision of the Council: Community Development Support Grant Programme Award to Garvagh Development Trust (report attached)

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