Full Council Committee

Date: Tuesday, 26 Jun 2018 Time: 7:00 PM





  1. Apologies

  2. Declarations of Members’ Interests

  3. Presentation – DfI Roads Programme, Northern Division Annual Report 2017/18: David Porter, Divisional Roads Manager, Austin Montgomery & James Middleton, Section Engineers in attendance (report attached)

  4. Minutes of Council Meeting held Tuesday 22 May 2018 and reconvened Wednesday 30th May 2018 (copy attached)

  5. Minutes of Planning Committee Meeting held Wednesday 23rd May 2018 (copy attached)

  6. Minutes of Special Council Meeting held Wednesday 30th May 2018 at 7PM (Notice of Motion) (copy attached)

  7. Minutes of Special Council Meeting held Wednesday 30th May 2018 at 8PM (DfI Roads Representatives in attendance) (copy attached)

  8. Minutes of the Annual Meeting held Monday 4th June 2018 (copy attached)

  9. Minutes of Environmental Services Committee Meeting held Tuesday 5thJune 2018 (copy attached)

  10. Minutes of Leisure & Development Committee Meeting held Tuesday 12th June 2018 (copy attached)

  11. Minutes of Audit Committee Meeting held Tuesday 13th June 2018 (copy attached).

  12. Minutes of Corporate Policy and Resources Committee Meeting held Tuesday 14th June 2018 (to follow)

  13. Matters for reporting to Partnership Panel – Local Government Side

  14. Conferences

  15. Correspondence

  16. Consultation Schedule

  17. Seal Documents

    Grave Registry Certificates

17.1     Grave Registry Certificates, Coleraine, Ballywillan, Agherton and Portstewart Cemeteries (No’s No. 4648 – 4658 inclusive)

17.2     Grave Registry Certificates, Ballymoney Cemetery (No’s 2930 - 2932 inclusive)  

17.3     Grave Registry Certificates, Enagh Cemetery, Limavady (No’s 481 & 482 inclusive)


17.4      Agreement between Caterer and CC&GBC for the provision of catering operation at Benone Strand, Benone (reference L&PSC 180606)

17.5      Friends of Glenariffe to CC&GBC, Deed of Legal Charge and Mortgage of The Community Centre, Garron Road, Glenariff (reference CM 160823)

17.6      Deed of Dedication between the Friends of Glenariffe, CC&GBC and the GAA (reference CM 160823)

17.6      Transfer of Land Plots 14 & 28 Drumaduff Landfill Site Limavady (reference CM 161220)

17.7      NIE Wayleave Agreement between NIE Networks Ltd and CC&GBC, lands at Quay Road Ballycastle (reference L&PSC 180606)

17.8      Agreement in relation to advance purchase of car, Employee Number 210/5114

17.9      Agreement in relation to advance purchase of car, Employee Number 704/4644

18.   Notice of Motion proposed by Councillor McCandless, seconded by Alderman Hillis

The Children’s Funeral fund was launched by the P.M. Theresa May in April 2018 thereby bringing England into line with Wales. The fund has been introduced into Scotland in May 2018.

Basically adopting this fund means that grieving parents will no longer have the financial pressure of meeting the costs of burials or cremations and the fee will be met by Government funding in Wales England and Scotland.

Unfortunately we have no functioning executive in Northern Ireland so realistically we would be unable at present to achieve this aim and there is no indication on the immediate horizon of any return, however we should still forward the sentiment of this NOM to the Dept for Communities to lobby for this cause and be ready to be presented for consideration by incoming Ministers.

To that end I would propose that we in Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council follow the example set in other Councils in Northern Ireland by waiving, at this stage, the associated costs of opening a grave for children under the age of 18 in this Borough in any council controlled cemeteries. This is the least we can do as a gesture to stand alongside the bereaved families at the most painful moment in their lives and demonstrate our support for them in a practical manner.

19.   Notice of Motion proposed by Councillor Stevenson, seconded by Alderman Campbell

That members of this council are fully updated in regards to the details of the process leading up and including the transferring of Edward Street Social Centre to NICVA following the Council meeting of Tuesday 22nd May, 2018, during a call in period. That members are also updated as to the process and rationale for rejecting a call in on the decision not to take on ownership.

20.   Notice of Motion proposed by Councillor Stevenson, seconded by Alderman Campbell

That this council ensure that an Audit of Need and Options Appraisal in relation to Community Facilities is carried out in all towns in the borough with a population of over 5,000. That these audits be carried out over the next four years and that it starts with the largest population in descending order, the first audit to be completed by March 2019

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