Shadow Council

Date: Thursday, 26 Jun 2014 Time: 7:00 PM


1.    Apologies.
2.    Declarations of Interest.
3.    Presentation by Maura Fox (DoE Planning Service).
4.    Minutes of Annual Meeting on 12 June 2014 (attached).  
5.    Matters arising from the Minutes.
6.    Adoption of Interim Standing Orders (Draft enclosed).
7.    Councillor Allowances (Report enclosed).
8.    Notice of Motion:
       The undernoted Motion has been submitted by Councillor N Hillis, supported by Councillor W McCandless, Councillor D Wilson,
       Councillor D Harding, Councillor T McKeown, Councillor R Holmes and Councillor A Callan:
       ‘That the Shadow Council pursues Borough status for the new Council area.’
9.    Councillor ICT Policy (Report enclosed).
10.  Convergence work plan / Committee Meeting arrangements (Report enclosed).
11.  Expenditure Approvals (Report enclosed).
12.  Management Accounts (Enclosed for information). 
13.  Statutory Transition Committee Annual Financial Statements (Unaudited) (Enclosed for approval). 
14.  Consultation Documents (Enclosed): 
       • The Draft Local Government (Standing Orders) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2014 and Model Standing Orders (attached);
       • Managing the Convergence of District Rates (attached);
       • Planning Reform and Transfer to Local Government: Proposals for Subordinate Legislation (attached);
       • Draft Guidance on Filling Positions of Responsibility and Appointing Councillors to Committees (attached).
15.  Correspondence (Enclosed for information):
       • DoE – Re Reimbursement of Payments to Councillors – 06 June 2014 (attached). 
       • DSD – Minister, Nelson Mc Causland – Re Budget Allocation Model – 16 June 2014 (attached). 
16.  Date of the next Shadow Council meeting, Thursday 24 July 2014, at 7pm in Cloonavin Civic Offices, Coleraine. 

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