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Planning Committee Committee

Date: Wednesday, 24 Feb 2016 Time: 2:00 PM

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Item 3.1 LA01/2015/0860/LBC

Item 3.2 LA01/2015/0103/F

Item 3.3 LA01/2015/0342/F

Item 3.4 C/2014/0435/O

Item 3.5 LA01/2015/0111/O

Item 3.6 D/2014/0120/F

Item 3.7 LA01/2015/0509/F

Item 4 Development Management Statistics

Item 5.1 NIEA Proposed Listing of Water Fountain

Item 5.2 Public Consultation Document – Marine Conservation Zones (DoE)

Item 5.3 NIHE Rural Housing Policy Public Consultation

Item 5.4 Statement of Community Involvement

Item 6.1 Application from Dalradian Gold Ltd for mineral prospecting rights