Shadow Council

Date: Thursday, 24 Jul 2014 Time: 7:00 PM


1.    Apologies
2.    Declarations of Interest
3.    Planning Reform and Transfer to Local Government: Proposals for Sub Ordinate Legislation –
       Phase 1 Consultation Response (Presentation from Peter Fleming- (Report enclosed
4.    Minutes of Shadow Council Meeting held on 26th June 2014 (Report enclosed)
5.    Minutes from Transfer of Functions and Group Committee held on 10th July 2014 (Report enclosed)
6.    Matters arising
7.    Shadow Council Legal Entity update (Report enclosed)
8.    Change Management Funding (Report enclosed)
9.    Capital Programme (Report enclosed)
10.  Response to consultation on Draft Local Government (Standing Orders) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2014,
       Guidance on Filling Positions of Responsibility, and Guidance on Appointing Councillors to Committees. (Report enclosed)
11.  Response to consultation Rates Convergence (Report enclosed)
12.  Consultations:
       • DETI Review of the Northern Ireland Tourist Board and wider tourism structures. (Available at: http://www.detini.gov.uk
       /index/deti-consultations/consultation_exercises/independent_review_of_the_nitb_and_wider_tourism_structures.htm ).
13.  Correspondence
       • Reform Inform (attached)
14.  Date of Next Shadow Council Meeting 28th August 2014

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