Full Council

Date: Tuesday, 22 Sep 2015 Time: 7:00 PM


1. Apologies 
2. Declarations of Interest
3. Presentation 
- NI Water (presentation attached)
• Attendees Sean McAleese – Director of Customer Services Delivery, NI Water
• Paul Davidson – Head of Water Capital Procurement 2
• Gavin McCready – Wastewater Networks Area Manager
- HSENI – Think about Health and Safety (presentation attached)
4. Minutes of Council Meeting held on 25th August 2015 for confirmation 
(copy attached)
5. Minutes of Planning Committee Meeting held on 26th August 2015 for confirmation (copy attached)
6. Minutes of Environmental Services Committee Meeting held on 1st September 2015 (copy attached) 
7. Minutes of Leisure and Development Committee Meeting held on 14th September 2015 (copy attached)
8. Minutes of Corporate Policy and Resources Committee Meeting held on 
15th September 2015 (to follow) 
9. Legal Opinion Call In Flag Flying (attached) – IN COMMITTEE
10. Revised schedules of Meetings (attached)
11. Draft Consultation Response – Making Choices: Proposed Changes in the Provision of Statutory residential Care in the Northern Health and Social Care Trust (Draft consultation Response Form attached)
12. Correspondence (report attached)
13. Seal Documents
12.1 Grant of Right of Burial Deeds Register No 4277 – 4285 
(Coleraine 2; Ballywillan 4; Agherton 1; Portstewart 1; Kilrea 1)
12.2 Environmental Improvement Works at Portstewart Promenade
12.3 NIE Substation Lease at Park Street, Coleraine
14. Consultations (schedule attached)
15. Matters for reporting to Partnership Panel (report attached)
16. Notice of Motion submitted by Alderman Finlay
“That this Council notes that on 21st April 2016 Her Majesty The Queen will celebrate her ninetieth birthday, making her the United Kingdom's longest-lived monarch.
In recognition of the powerful and positive contribution that Her Majesty has made through her very long years of public service, and the singular nature of this momentous occasion, Council agrees to mark her ninetieth birthday in a fitting way.”
17. Notice of Motion submitted by Councillor Quigley
“We propose that this Council urgently responds to the current humanitarian crisis in the Middle East by taking up the challenge set by Citizens UK and the UNHRC in facilitating and supporting the resettlement of refugee families within our own community.
We further propose council lobbys (sic) the Executive to convene an urgent meeting in these exceptional circumstances in order to form a collective response to the current refugee crisis.”
18. Notice of Motion submitted by Alderman Hickey
“This Council expresses grave concern about the £8.6m reduction in the budget of the Ulster University which has resulted in the withdrawal of several courses, the closure of the Modern Languages Department and compulsory redundancies of several staff. This Council calls for an immediate meeting with the Minister for Employment and Learning to seek the restoration of the budget.”
19. Any Other Relevant Business
20. Date of next Meeting
• Tuesday 27th October 2015 7pm, Council Chamber, Civic Headquarters, Coleraine

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