Full Council

Date: Tuesday, 22 Mar 2016 Time: 7:00 PM


1.     The Mayor’s Business
2.     Apologies 
3.     Declarations of Members’ Interests
4.     Minutes of Council Meeting held 23rd February 2016 (copy attached)
5.     Minutes of Special Council Meeting held 3rd March 2016 (copy attached)
6.     Presentation – Northern Ireland Strategic Migration Partnership 
        Dr Ken Bishop, Head of Programmes and Investment, NILGA 
        Ms Mary Kerr, Partnership Development & Policy Officer 
7.     Minutes of Planning Committee Meeting held 24th February 2016 (copy attached)
8.     Minutes of Environmental Services Committee Meeting held 1st March 2016 (copy attached)
9.     Minutes of Leisure and Development Committee Meeting held 8th March 2016 (copy attached)
10.   Minutes of Audit Committee Meeting held 9th March 2016 (copy attached)
11.   Minutes of Corporate Policy & Resources Committee Meeting held 15th March 2016 (copy attached)
11.1 Annual Insurance Renewal (report attached)
       * recommended for confidential consideration
12.  Matters for Reporting to Partnership Panel 
13.  Correspondence (report attached)
14.  Consultation Schedule (report attached)
15.  Seal Documents
       Land & Property
15.1   Grant of easement from Causeway Coast & Glens Borough Council to C&V Development Limited regarding Ballyreagh Road, Portrush
15.2   NIE Wayleave Agreement, Loughanhill Depot
15.3   Release of covenant, Ballyreagh Road
15.4   Rectification of boundaries, Dunluce Road, Portrush
15.5   Renewal of 5 year lease, RNLI Bannmouth, Castlerock
15.6   Employee Car Loan – Employee Number 113/3029
         Grave Registry Certificates
15.7  Grave Registry Certificates Ballymoney and Rasharkin Cemeteries (Nos 1483-1485)
15.8  Grave Registry Certificates, Coleraine, Ballywillan, Agherton and Portstewart Cemeteries (Nos 4343-4358) 

16. Notice of Motion submitted by Councillor McCorkell, seconded by Councillor Duddy
 “Altnagelvin Radiotherapy Unit  That this Council welcomes the progress made on the Radiotherapy Unit at Altnagelvin and is furthermore encouraged that the Minister for Health has announced that the Unit is on schedule to be opened in late autumn this year. Members are in agreement that the new Unit will undoubtedly help to improve and save the lives of many people throughout the new Causeway Coast and Glens Borough”. 

17. Notice of Motion submitted by Councillor Duddy, seconded by Councillor Clarke 
“That this Council, in partnership, with the business community, within Coleraine Town Centre, develop a plan to initiate a Business Improvement District, as a matter of priority”.

18. Notice of Motion submitted by Councillor Wilson, seconded by Councillor McCandless
“That Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council develop and implement a programme of works to ensure that facilities/apparatus for Children with disabilities is installed in play parks across the entire Borough with a view to ensuring that all children have the opportunity to share and enjoy local park facilities together”

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