Full Council

Date: Monday, 28 Jan 2019 Time: 7:00 PM



1.  The Mayor’s Business

2.  Apologies

3.  Declarations of Members’ Interests

4.  Presentation by Ulster GAA - To receive

Brian McAvoy, Chief Executive Officer and Provincial Secretary

Diarmaid Marsden, Head of Club and Community Development Department

Stephen McGeehan, Project Sponsor, Casement Park Stadium Development

5.  Minutes of Council Meeting held Tuesday 18 December 2018 (copy attached)

6.  Minutes of Special Council Meeting held Tuesday 15 January 2019 (to follow)

Addendum Item 6.1 -  Minutes of Special Council Meeting held Thursday 17 January 2019 (attached)

7.  Minutes of Planning Committee Meeting held Wednesday 29 December 2018 (attached)

8.  Minutes of Leisure & Development Committee Meeting held Tuesday 8 January 2019 (attached)

9.  Minutes of Corporate Policy and Resources Committee held Tuesday 15 January 2019 (to follow)

9.1    Deferred from Council meeting held 27 November 2018

Requests to Purchase/Lease Council Land, 2 Main Street, Portrush

(Report to follow (IN COMMITTEE)

10.  Matters for reporting to Partnership Panel – Local Government Side

11. Conferences

12.  Correspondence

Addendum 12.1 Request from NI Housing Council for the Use of the Council Chamber (attached)

13. Consultation Schedule (report attached)

14. Seal Documents

Grave Registry Certificates

14.1       Grave Registry Certificates, Coleraine, Ballywillan, Agherton and    Portstewart Cemeteries No’s (4716 – 4727 inclusive)

14.2       Grave Registry Certificates, Ballymoney Cemetery (No’s 2942 – 2944 inclusive)

14.3       Grave Registry Certificates, Limavady Cemetery (No’s 494 – 495 inclusive)

Other Leases/Licences

14.4       DAERA & CC&GBC – 20 year lease of Garvagh Forest: Ref L&D 171212

14.5       St Mathews GAA, Drumsurn & CC&GBC – Deed of Dedication: Ref L&D 171010

15.    Notice of Motion proposed by Councillor McCaw, seconded by Councillor Baird

          ‘That this Council explore methods of carrying out enforcement of restrictions on caravans and overnight camping, where such restrictions are already in place throughout the Borough, and also carries out a review of existing facilities for overnighting in these vehicles, with a view to expanding the number of designated areas available for this purpose’.


16.    Notice of Motion Proposed by Councillor MA McKillop, seconded by Councillor A Mulholland

‘Council notes the increased number of citizens across Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council with diagnoses of Autism Spectrum Disorders.  We want to ensure that those with A.S.D can have full access to services within our Borough.  We want the Borough to have a place where those with Autism and their families feel welcome and supported.

Council agrees to develop and bring forward proposals which would see the Borough become Autism friendly.  Council agrees establish a working group in line with standing orders, and tasks that group with the responsibility of developing proposals for consideration

Council should engage with support groups, training providers and statutory partners within the sector to help shape proposals for councils consideration.  This would include structured Autism Awareness training for out staff in all council facilities as well as reaching out to businesses, sporting and community groups across the borough.

Consideration should also be given to council leading the way by offering quiet periods and spaces within our leisure Centres and community facilities across the borough in the hope the private sector will follow. ‘

17.    Notice of Motion proposed by Councillor Quigley, seconded by Councillor MA McKillop

‘This Council notes the concluding Observations of the United Nations Committee on the Convention of the Rights of persons with Disabilities.
Council recognises the valuable contribution that those living with disabilities make to our society and will undertake to prepare a review on how the council meets local obligations within the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.’

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