Corporate Policy and Resources Committee

Date: Tuesday, 20 Oct 2015


1. Apologies
2. Declarations of Interest
3. Minutes of meetings held 15th September 2015 (summary attached)
For Decision
4. Portballintrae Land and Property Issues (report attached)
5. Draft Equality Action Plan (report attached)
6. Council Draft Charging Structure for Published Information (report attached)
7. Councillors’ Allowances (report attached)
8. Remembrance Events November 2015 (report attached)
9. Recognition Programme – Anniversary of the Somme 2016 (report attached)
10. Developing a Programme for Local Government 2016-2020 (report attached)
11. Rotation of Committee Meetings (report attached)
12. Coleraine Harbour Commissioners Update (report attached)
13. Policies for Approval (report attached)
• Redeployment Policy (attached)
• Statutory and Mandatory Training Policy (attached)
• Mobile Phone Policy
For Information
14. The Local Government Performance Indicators (Performance and Standards) Order (Northern Ireland) 2015 Guidance Notes (report attached)
15. Corrymeela Project – “As long as my bins get lifted…” – A Citizen Engagement Project (report attached)
16. Portrush Golf Club – Land Boundaries Issue – IN COMMITTEE (report attached)
17. VAT Claims – IN COMMITTEE (report attached)
18. Filling Posts in the New Council Structures – IN COMMITTEE (report attached)
19. Voluntary Severance Requests – IN COMMITTEE (report attached)
20. Correspondence (report attached)
21. Consultations (report attached)
22. Notice of Motion submitted by Alderman Finlay (deferred from Council Meeting 22nd September 2015)
“That this Council notes that on 21st April 2016 Her Majesty The Queen will celebrate her ninetieth birthday, making her the United Kingdom's longest-lived monarch.
In recognition of the powerful and positive contribution that Her Majesty has made through her very long years of public service, and the singular nature of this momentous occasion, Council agrees to mark her ninetieth birthday in a fitting way.”
23. Matters for reporting to Partnership Panel
24. Any other relevant business
25. Date of next meeting Tuesday 8th December 2015 at 7pm in the Council Chamber, Civic Headquarters, Coleraine

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