Corporate Policy and Resources Committee

Date: Tuesday, 20 Nov 2018 Time: 7:00 PM




  1. Apologies
  2. Declarations of Interest
  3. Minutes of Meeting held Tuesday 16th October (summary attached
  4. Performance Dashboard (report attached)
  5. Safeguarding Policies (report attached)
  6. Treasury Management Facilities (report attached)
  7. Prompt Payment statistics (report attached)
  8.  Correspondence (report attached)
  9.  Consultations (report attached)
  10. Conferences (report attached)
  11.  Notice of Motion Proposed by Councillor Callan, Seconded by Councillor Clarke referred from 23 October 2018 Council meeting

        ‘That this Council establish a working group, consisting of 6 members by d’Hondt, to explore a programme of events and activities to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Northern Ireland in 2021.’

     12.   Notice of Motion Proposed by Councillor Stevenson, Seconded by Councillor Blair referred from 23 October Council meeting

        ‘That this council carry out a review of all council bylaws, with the intent of removing any no longer required and updating those requiring it, and with the aim for them to be applied across the entire                           Causeway council area or as Council decides’

        IN COMMITTEE (Items 13 – 19 inclusive)

13.   Rates Estimates (verbal update)

14.   Debt Management (report attached)

15.   Minutes of the Efficiency Sub Committee held Wednesday 17 October 2018 (copy attached)

16.   Minutes of the Governance Working Group held Thursday 8 November 2018 (copy attached)

17.   Minutes of the Meeting of the Land and Property Sub-Committee held Wednesday 7 November 2018 (to follow)

18.   Re-engagement of former employees who left on Voluntary Severance (to follow)

19.   Legal Opinion Report Notice of Motion submitted 9th July 2018 (attached)

20.   Any Other Relevant Business (notified in accordance with Standing Order 12(o))

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