Corporate Policy and Resources Committee

Date: Tuesday, 20 Aug 2019 Time: 7:00 PM


1.   Apologies

2.   Declarations of Interest

3.   Minutes of Meeting held Tuesday 18 June 2019 (summary attached)

FOR DECISION – (Item 4 – Item 8 inclusive)

4.   Committee Meeting Dates (report attached)

5.   Performance Improvement Policy (report attached)

6.   Essential Car User Policy (report attached)

7.   Coleraine Bid Levy Administration Fee (report attached)

8.   Transactional Banking Services Tender (report attached)

FOR INFORMATION (Item 9 – Item 15 inclusive)

9.   APP Forecast (report attached)

10.  Prompt Payment Statistics (report attached)

11.  Performance Dashboard (report attached)

12.  Section 75 Annual Progress Report to Equality 2018/19 (report attached)

13.  Correspondence (report attached)

14.  Consultations

15.  Conferences (report attached)

16.  Matters for Reporting to Partnership Panel

17.  Notice of Motion proposed by Councillor Peacock, seconded by Councillor McShane (referred from Council Meeting 25 June 2019, reconvened 6 August 2019)

“Supporting People Programme

That this Council recognises the specialist work being carried out by frontline workers through the Supporting People Programme and backs the workers’ Trade Union, UNISON, in their call for an independent review into the Supporting People Programme.

Any such review must have the direct involvement of UNISON, with a specific focus of highlighting the experiences and work completed by frontline workers”.

FOR CONFIDENTIAL CONSIDERATION (Item 18 – Item 23 inclusive)

18.  Debt Management (report attached)

19.  Minutes of the Meeting of the Land and Property Sub-Committee 7 August 2019 (to follow)

20.  Minutes of Governance Working Group held 13 June 2019 (attached)

21.  Minutes of Governance Working Group held 1 August 2019 (attached)

22.  OD/HR – Severance Request Report 1 - (report attached)

23.  OD/HR – Severance Request Report 2 (report attached)

24.  Any Other Relevant Business (notified in accordance with Standing Order 12(o))

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