Full Council

Date: Tuesday, 19 Dec 2017 Time: 7:00 PM




  1. The Mayor’s Business

  2. Apologies

  3. Declarations of Members’ Interest

  4. Minutes of Council Meeting held 28th November 2017 (copy attached)

  5. Minutes of Special Council Meeting held 8th December 2017 (copy attached)

  6. Minutes of Planning Committee Meeting held 22nd November 2017 (copy attached)

  7. Minutes of Environmental Services Committee Meeting held 5th December 2017 (copy attached)

  8. Minutes of Leisure & Development Committee Meeting held 12th December 2017 (to follow)

  9. Minutes of Audit Committee Meeting held 13th December 2017 (to follow)

  10. Matters for reporting to Partnership Panel – Local Government Side

  11. Conferences (report attached)

  12. Correspondence (report attached)

  13. Consultation Schedule (report attached)

  14. Seal Documents

    Grave Registry Certificates

14.1 Grave Registry Certificates, Coleraine, Ballywillan, Agherton and Portstewart Cemeteries (No’s 4580 – 4593 inclusive)

14.2 Grave Registry Certificates, Ballymoney Cemetery (No’s 2918 and 2919)

14.3 Grave Registry Certificates, Enagh Cemetery and Limavady (No’s 468 and 469)


14.4 Memorandum of Sale, Drumaduff Road Landfill Site, 9 no.

14.5 Memorandum of Understanding relating to a Collaborative Partnership between Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council and Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (Forest Service)

14.6 Deed of Surrender, B Knipe, Lisnagrot Road, Kilrea

15.   Notice of Motion proposed by Councillor Quigley, seconded by Alderman Hickey

‘Volunteer drivers

This Council notes the serious hardship arising out of changes in regulations relating to the use of volunteer drivers and the implications these changes have for schools, community groups and other voluntary organisations.

Council asks the Department for Infrastructure to suspend the introduction of these regulations immediately to allow the above-mentioned schools, groups and organisations to make appropriate preparations relating to qualifications and not least the finance to enable such training to take place’.

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11 - Conferences

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