Leisure and Development Committee

Date: Tuesday, 15 Mar 2022 Time: 7:00 PM


1.   Apologies
2.   Declarations of Interest
3.   Minutes of Leisure and Development Committee Meeting held Tuesday 15th February 2021 (summary attached)

FOR DECISION (Items 4-14 inclusive)

4.   Causeway Digital Infrastructure including presentation (Report attached)
5.   RLNI Beach Service including presentation (Report attached)
6.   Tourism Events Programme 2022 (Report attached)
7.   Tourism Events Growth Fund (Report attached)
8.   Rural Business Development Fund (Report attached)
9.   Landfill Community Fund (Report attached)
10.  Community Festivals Fund (Report attached)
11.  Community Development Grant Programme (Report attached)
12.  Culture, Arts and Heritage Fund (Report attached)
13.  Platinum Jubilee Programme (Report attached)
14.  Harry Gregg Legacy Project (Report attached)

FOR INFORMATION (Items 15-17 inclusive)

15.  Coleraine and Ballycastle Leisure OBC (Report attached)
16.  Grants Governance Panel Meeting Notes (attached)

17.  Rural and Agriculture Working Group Meeting Notes (attached)
18.  Correspondence (Report attached)
19.  Matters Reporting to the Partnership Panel
20.  Consultations


21.  Woodland Project Tender (Report attached)
22.  Variation to Generalist Advice Services (Report attached)
23.  Any other relevant business notified in accordance with Standing Order 12. (o)

A) Councillor Chivers 
Would Council consider a development of a Master Plan for the site at Limavady accessible playpark to ensure that all future development is carried with a consistent phased approach rather than ad-hoc.  This should encourage more efficient and cost effective use of council resources and rate payers money.  This plan should be carried out in consultation with the community and Councillors?

B) The Mayor, Councillor Holmes
Recommended for 'Confidential Consideration' (Item B) 
Can you bring an update on the issues at Brookgreen ladies bowling club to the next Leisure and Development Committee meeting?

C) Alderman Robinson
What will hopefully be an extremely busy staycation season, can the Council indicate what plans they and DFI have to help ease the annual congestion problems at the entrance to Benone Beach.

D) Alderman Duddy
I wish to raise the following matters in accordance with SO 12(o) in regards to Bobby Greer Sports Complex Bushmills, and Bushmills Football Club.
1. Progress report on the floodlights for the MUGA.
2. Progress report on the lettering for the re-naming of the changing rooms.
3. Progress report on the outside storage for the football club.
4. The club are requesting to have their logo attached to the outside of the changing rooms, is this feasible?
5. The club are requesting floodlights for the football pitch, can this be put on the capital works schedule?

E) Councillor C McShane
To ask how Causeway Coast and Glens Council can be an area of sanctuary for those caught in the Ukraine conflict and to discuss what ways we can offer support.

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